Magnum Welcomes Two New Members and Two Nominees

At its 77th AGM, this year in Arles and in partnership with Fujifilm, the collective took time to discuss business, trends and new members.

Magnum photographers during the Annual General Meeting. Photographed with Fujifilm GFX100 II. Arles, France. June 30, 2024 © Peter van Agtmael / Magnum Photos

This weekend, Magnum photographers, estates, and staff reconvened for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) — a tradition that has taken place each year since the cooperative’s founding in 1947. Over the course of the week, photographers and agency staff discussed business and priorities in Arles, led by Cristina De Middel, the current president. This year’s AGM was organized in partnership with Fujifilm, marking a new milestone in their long-term collaboration. The group picture was shot with a Fujifilm GFX100 II on Sunday, June 30.

A key item on the agenda is always the potential for new additions to Magnum’s membership. As an international photographic cooperative owned by its photographers, Magnum has a structured process for introducing new members. Photographers first join the organization as nominees, before progressing to become associates, and then finally gaining admission to the collective as full, lifelong members — a process that takes four years. The entire membership votes on new additions at each stage of progression.

Self-portrait. Cairo, Egypt. 2019. © Salih Basheer / Magnum Photos

This year, Magnum welcomes two new nominees, Salih Basheer and Sakir Khader, who will both embark on the minimum four-year process of becoming full Members of the cooperative. 

Blood in the street. From the project "22 Days in Between." Omdurman, Sudan. 2021. © Salih Basheer / Magnum Photos
My classroom when I visited the school in 2021 where I studied nearly 15 years ago looks the same. it dragged back a lot of complex feelings. From the project "22 Days in Between." Al-Fao, Sudan. 2 (...)
“I remember your birthday in our house near Al-Jaak Mountain. Our house had two bedrooms and a living room. The living room had two doors, one opened to the east and the other opened to the west wh (...)

Salih Basheer is a 29-year-old self-taught photographer from Sudan, now based in Denmark. He covered revolution and protest in Sudan before embarking on long-term projects such as “The Home Seekers” in Egypt, which follows the lives of two Sudanese men as they embark on new lives in Cairo. His debut photobook, 22 Days in Between, published in 2023, was the first ever photobook published by a Sudanese photographer. It also won the Les Rencontres d’Arles Photo-Text Book Award the same year. 

This is Daniel, from Jenin. He was born from sperm smuggled out of an Israeli prison after his father was sentenced to 20 years in prison without any evidence. Although Daniel was brought into the (...)

Sakir Khader is a 33-year-old Palestinian documentary photographer and film director based in the Netherlands. Covering life and death in conflict zones forms the crux of his practice, concentrating on countries in the Middle East. Khader has also been documenting extensively in Palestine. Known for his raw yet intimate cinematic signature style, his practice seeks to illuminate the poetic sorrows of everyday life.

The funeral of Abdul Hadi Nazzal (18). His family bids him farewell as the villagers carry his body to the graveyard after he was killed in a firefight with the Israelis during an incursion on the (...)
Taking a nap on the hilltops of the village. Rudjib, Nablus, Palestine. June 20, 2024. © Sakir Khader / Magnum Photos
A Palestinian family portrait in the village. Rudjib, Nablus, Palestine. July 1, 2024. © Sakir Khader / Magnum Photos.

“It is beautiful to see the Magnum family grow in diversity and richness with such two new and powerful voices,” says Cristina de Middel. “I hope Sakir and Salih feel welcomed and supported in this new stage of their careers. I have no doubt that they will contribute significantly to our agency’s historic commitment to documenting the world we live in and explaining it with real photographic images.”

Broken watermelon. Istanbul, Turkey. 2017. © Sabiha Çimen / Magnum Photos
Science class and gas mask training at a cadet school. Kyiv, Ukraine. 2023. © Sabiha Çimen / Magnum Photos
Ballet dancers from the Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, performing on a public beach. Odesa, Ukraine. 2023. © Sabiha Çimen

In addition to the new nominees, Magnum welcomes Sabiha Çimen and Yael Martínez as full Members. Both Çimen and Martínez became nominees in 2020 and associate members in 2022.

Self-portrait with my daughter and a presence of a hanging man. Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico. 2013. © Yael Martínez / Magnum Photos
A dancer plays a ritual in the pyramid of the sun. Teotihuacan, Mexico. March 21, 2023. © Magnum Photos / Magnum Photos
Abuelo-Estrella, an elder from the Cerro de la Garza. Guerrero, Mexico. December 31, 2020. © Yael Martínez / Magnum Photos

As well as the annual vote on membership, the AGM is a creative meeting of minds — an opportunity for the entire cooperative to reflect back on the past year and exchange ideas about the future. 

For Magnum x AGM in Arles, a series of events open to the public are being held throughout the week, including the MxA Pop-Up Space, located at 15 rue des Arènes, 13200 Arles, where an exhibition curated by Myriam Boulos and Peter van Agtmael will be on view, exploring international events that shape and disrupt the world. A series of meet-and-greets and signings with Magnum photographers, a pop-up shop, and an exclusive celebration for the 10th anniversary of Magnum Square Prints will also take place throughout the week. 

As part of the global partnership with Fujifilm, a range of activities will take place at the FUJIKINA space, located at 16 rue des Arènes. In the Magnum Connection exhibition, curated by Philipp Ebeling, Magnum photographers Carolyn Drake, Peter van Agtmael, Lorenzo Meloni and Lúa Ribeira were each invited to make a new series around the theme “connection.” Accompanying the exhibition is a Live Commission. Each photographer will continue their series in the region, offering the public an opportunity to discuss the work in progress. The Live Commission closing will reveal the work created throughout the week. 

As part of the partnership with Fujifilm, Morning Talks with Magnum photographers feature Carolyn Drake, Peter van Agtmael, Lorenzo Meloni, and Lúa Ribeira for a daily dose of inspiration as they each host a talk around their personal work. Cristina de Middel, Magnum president, will also host a talk on her Journey to the Center series, exhibited at the Rencontres d’Arles photo festival. 

Additionally, Magnum Learn and Fujifilm have organized a series of Free Portfolio Reviews with Newsha Tavakolian, Rafał Milach, Emin Özmen, Thomas Dworzak, Larry Towell, Susan Meiselas and Sonia Jeunet, Global Education Director at Magnum.

Next year’s AGM will return to New York. News of the submission process for new nominees will be communicated in the new year.

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