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The Magnum Digest: January 4, 2019

Last chance to enter the Portrait of Humanity Award, David Seymour in The NY Review of Books, Olivia Arthur on motherhood, and more from Magnum photographers this week

Alessandra Sanguinetti The Necklace. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 1999. © Alessandra Sanguinetti | Magnum Photos

Last Call for Entries to the Portrait of Humanity Award

Judged by Magnum photographers Alessandra Sanguinetti, Jacob Aue Sobol, and Newsha Tavakolian, the Portrait of Humanity Award seeks work that shows there is more uniting us as people than there is setting us apart. You can submit your work and have a chance to be part of this far-reaching collaborative photography project, a collaboration between Magnum Photos and 854 Media, publisher of the British Journal of Photography. 200 shortlisted images will be featured in a book, while the 50 winning photographs will be exhibited internationally.

Entries to The Portrait of Humanity Award close this Tuesday, January 8. You can find out more, and enter the competition here.

Alessandra Sanguinetti Christen. New York City. USA. 1992. © Alessandra Sanguinetti | Magnum Photos

David Seymour on The New York Review of Books

On the occasion of a retrospective of Magnum Photos co-founder David ‘Chim’ Seymour‘s work at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, the New York Review of Books looks back at significant moments in his career, his famously empathetic approach, and the history behind some of his most memorable images. You can read the feature here.

David Seymour Remains of temporary piers. Omaha Beach. Normandy, France 1947. © David Seymour | Magnum Photos

Olivia Arthur’s Documentation of Motherhood on Refinery29

Following Magnum’s 2018 HOME exhibitions, Olivia Arthur spoke to Refinery29 about preparing for motherhood and the emotional processes of anticipation and meditation that come with it, as documented in her own instalment of the multi-photographer HOME project. Read the feature here.

Olivia Arthur Family life. London, England. GB. 2017. © Olivia Arthur | Magnum Photos

Politico features Enri Canaj’s Work on Immigrants in Italy

In the face of increasing resentment toward African refugees in southern Italy, Politico has published a selection of Enri Canaj’s work in the region. Canaj, whose work has often dealt with issues surrounding migration – spurred by his own upbringing as an immigrant in Athens, Greece – continues to document Europe’s unfurling refugee crisis. You can read an interview with Canaj about his work in Italy here, about his wider practice here, and see the Politico feature here.

Enri Canaj Suman, 15 years old, from Gambia, walking with his dog Jonick on the way back to the CARA refugee camp at Borgo Mezzanone. Foggia, Italy. June 2018. © Enri Canaj | Magnum Photos

Constantine Manos in Columbia Metropolitan

Constantine Manos, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, was interviewed by the city’s Metropolitan magazine. The interview looks back over Manos’ career and life, from his high school-age move into photography, his musical ‘in’ to the industry, and the pivotal role that his early work on the state’s Daufuskie Island played in his photographic development. Read the interview here.

Constantine Manos Men praying in church. Daufuskie Island. South Carolina, USA. 1952. © Constantine Manos | Magnum Photos

Eve Arnold is Listed as One of the World’s Most Influential Women Travellers

Condé Nast Traveller included Eve Arnold in its line-up of the most influential women travellers of all time. Enjoy this short and illuminating insight into her life here. Look at images from her book, The Unretouched Woman, here.

Eve Arnold Self-portrait. Eve Arnold in a distorting mirror. 42nd Street, New York City. USA. 1950. © Eve Arnold | Magnum Photos

Thomas Hoepker speaks with The Business Times

The German Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker, who has been photographing since his first commission in 1960, discusses his route into the genre, the allure of shooting on digital, and his iconic Muhammed Ali portrait which became the cover of his photobook, Big Champ. Read the feature here.

Muhammad Ali, boxing world heavy weight champion showing off his right fist. Chicago, USA. 1966.

Sohrab Hura’s latest book in The Hindustan Times’ Most Interesting Reads of 2018

India’s English-language daily included Sohrab Hura’s Look It’s Getting Sunny Outside!!!, in their list of 2018’s best books. Paroma Mukherjee, the paper’s photodesk head, gives her reasons for including the title in the list here, and you can see more of the photographs from the project on Magnum, here. Hura’s set of books, The Sweet Life, which includes Look It’s Getting Sunny Outside!!!, is available now on the Magnum shop.

Sohrab Hura Ma and Elsa fighting over a pillow. India. 2009. © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos

Ralal Milach’s Top Three Projects of 2018 for BJP

The British Journal of Photography asked 2018 Magnum nominee Rafal Milach to select three of his favourite photographic projects from last year: stories exploring the human body and urban landscape in Hungary, racial politics and architecture in St Louis, and a fundraising initiative for subjects involved in conflict in Ukraine. Read about Milach’s choices here, and learn more about his practice, on Magnum, here.

Rafał Milach “The First March of Gentlemen” is a fictitious narration composed of authentic stories. Historical events related to the town of Wrzesnia came to be the starting point for reflection on the protest (...)

Magnum Photographers’ Portraits of the Elderly, on Zeit

Magnum members are renowned for their diverse approaches to photography and have, over the decades, often turned their lenses upon the elderly. Whether as the focal point of a project, or as a part of a wider body of work, the variety of images curated here by Zeit conveys the breadth of vision within the Magnum collective.

Dennis Stock Meeting in an hotel room between the choregrapher George Balanchine and the conductor Igor Stravinsky. New York City. USA. 1962. © Dennis Stock | Magnum Photos
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