"Still images can be moving and moving images can be still. Both meet within soundscape"

- Chien-Chi Chang

b. 1961


Based in Graz, Austria


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Chien-Chi Chang’s photography and films explore the abstract concepts of alienation and connection. His investigation of the ties that bind one person to another draws on his own deeply divided immigrant experience, as he explores the contrasting themes of hope and darkness, restriction and freedom.

Chang’s long term interest in the manifestation of restriction and freedom was explored in his project on North Korean defectors. From 2007 to 2009 , Chang travelled with North Korean defectors to document their incredibly harrowing journey escaping to China. Between 2008-2012, Chang worked on a project called Jet Lag, which explored the globalised disconnect of the “jet-setting” lifestyle, culminating in a book of the same name, published in 2015.

Chang’s work has been shown in galleries and museums around the world and is the recipient of multiple awards including the W. Eugene Smith Grant (1999) and Magazine Photographer of the Year (1998)

Chang joined Magnum in 1995 and became a full member in 2001.

Selected works

Social Issues

Chien-Chi Chang: The Chain

Chien-Chi Chang

Chien-Chi Chang captures life within the walls of Long Fa Tang sanitarium – the last resort for Taiwan's mentally ill, where they practice unconventional methods of treatment

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