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Announcement: The Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2017 Winners

Magnum photographers and industry experts pick the winners of this year's awards

David Hurn Ms Senior Pagent. The Ms competition is not only about beauty but poise and talent. The winner spends a year holding the title, soon has an agentand links with various PR outlets. The pagent is hel (...)

Today the names of 41 photographers, who have been recognized in The Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2017 have been announced. A jury—consisting of Magnum photographers, world-renowned curators and experts from organizations, such as National Geographic and Aperture, aimed to recognize a cross-section image makers creating a wide range of work, covering a broad subject matter and style.

The winning photographers—who come from 24 countries on 5 continents—presented a remarkable array of subject matter, stylistic approaches and personal visions. Here, we present category winners for a series of images, single images, the juror’s personal picks, and the runners up.

All 41 photographers’ work will be shown at a digital exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in London later this year. In addition, the 12 winners will receive $27,000 in cash awards as well as vouchers to participate in a Magnum photographer’s workshop somewhere in the world.

The jury was comprised of Magnum photographers Alec Soth, David Hurn – whose image of a 1997 Ms Senior pagent in Arizona features above, and Susan Meiselas, as well as noted members of the photographic community: LensCulture editor Jim Casper, Azu Nwagbogu, founder and director of the LagosPhoto Festival and the African Artists’ Foundation, Sarah Leen, Director of Photography at National Geographic Magazine, Lesley Martin, creative director at Aperture Foundation, and photographic consultant Yumi Goto.

Series Winners

“I was very impressed by the series entries—there was so much great work to choose from, it was often quite challenging to pick. I thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to many new photographers and working with a stellar group of judges. A wonderful experience!”

— Sarah Leen, Director of Photography, National Geographic Magazine and Partners

Documentary Series Winner – Nick Hannes (Belgium), for Bread and Circuses

Dubai: Bread and Circuses Floating Seahorse, Dubai, January 2017. The Floating Seahorse is an underwater holidayvilla at the Heart of Europe, a man-made archipelago 2.5 miles off Dubai. It features under-water bedrooms and (...)

Fine Art Series Winner – Daniel Shipp (Australia), for Botanical Inquiry

Defunct Industrial Site. © Daniel Shipp. Fine Art Series Winner, Magnum PhotographyAwards 2017.

Open Series Winner – Medina Dugger (Nigeria), for Chroma: An Ode to J.D. Okhai Ojeikere

Chroma © Medina Dugger. Open Series Winner, Magnum Photography Awards 2017.

Photojournalism Series Winner – Jason Florio (United Kingdom), for Destination Europe

On an old fishing boat carrying 561 migrants 50 miles off the coast of Libya, an Eritreanman is commanded to stay below the deck where he was packed with over 200 other men.The migrants were rescue (...)

Portrait Series Winner – Lissa Rivera (United States), for Beautiful Boy

Aloha Hotel, Palm Springs, 2017. © Lissa Rivera. Portrait Series Winner, Magnum Photography Awards 2017.

Street Series Winner – Argus Paul Estabrook (South Korea), for Losing Face

Dark Horse. A protester rides a fiberglass horse in Gwanghwamun Square to deliver hismessage to others. Throughout the many public demonstrations, the largest one had an estimated 1.7 million parti (...)

Single Image Winners

“It can be overwhelming to navigate the sea of images we all live in. But through the process of judging the Magnum Photography Awards, I came to admire the beauty of this oceanic vastness while also discovering some rare, photographic gems.”

— Alec Soth, Magnum Photographer, Magnum Photos

Fine Art Single Image Winner – Ellie Davies (United Kingdom), for Stars

Stars 8, 2014. © Ellie Davies. Fine Art Single Image Winner, Magnum Photography Awards2017.

Documentary Single Image Winner – Retam Kumar Shaw (India) for Street Wrestling

Street Wrestling. © Retam Kumar Shaw. Documentary Single Image Winner, Magnum Pho-tography Awards 2017.

Open Single Image Winner – Britta Jaschinski (United Kingdom), for Confiscated

Confiscated Elephant Feet, Border Patrol, USA, 2016 Surely an elephant foot is of no real use to anyone but the animal itself. These elephant feetwere attempted to be smuggled from Africa to the US, but were seized by the American Bor-der Patrol and (...)

Photojournalism Category Single Image Winner –  Szymon Barylski (Ireland) , for Fleeing Death.

Fleeing Death. Refugees in the queue for the checkpoint at Idomeni, Greece. March 6, 2016.© Szymon Barylski. Photojournalism Single Image Winner, Magnum Photography Awards 2017.

Portrait Single Image Winner – Artur Zdral (Poland)

Artur Zdral. Portrait Single Image Winner, Magnum Photography Awards 2017.

Street Single Image Winner – Hakim Boulouiz (Switzerland), for Choral

Santa Cruz de Tenerife. © Hakim Boulouiz. Street Single Image Winner, Magnum Photogra-phy Awards 2017.

Juror’s Picks

“I was surprised to find such a high level of innovation and creativity within the various categories of entries for the LensCulture Magnum Photography Award. It was personally a pleasant experience for me—and for curators working in contemporary visual culture, it is a treasure trove.”

— Azu Nwagbogu, Founder and Director, LagosPhoto Festival and the African Artists’ Foundation (AAF)

Terje Abusdal, Norway — “Slash and Burn”, chosen by Alec Soth. © Terje Abusdal. Juror’s Pick, Magnum Photography Awards 2017.
MD Tanveer Rohan, Bangladesh — “Fun Bath”, chosen by David Hurn. A group of children enjoying their bath during the summer under a bridge in Dhaka, Bangladesh. © MD Tanveer Rohan. Juror’s Pick, M (...)
Antonio Gibotta, Italy — “Enfarinats”, Chosen by Jim Casper. © Antonio Gibotta. Juror’s Pick, Magnum Photography Awards 2017.
Sonja Hamad, Germany — “Jin—Jiyan—Azadi: Women, Life, Freedom”, chosen by Lesley Martin. Target. Hasaka, Syria. Less that 500 meters away from the shelters of the female fighters at the first fro (...)
Christian Werner, Germany — “Road to Ruin”, Chosen by Sarah Leen. Syria, January 2017. A chained dog and a boy in front of the coastal promenade in Latakia. © Christian Werner/Zeitenspiegel. Juro (...)
Shahria Sharmin, Bangladesh — “Call Me Heena”, chosen by Susan Meiselas. ”I feel like a mermaid. My body tells me I am a man and my soul tells me I am a woman.” Heena (51). © Shahria Sharmin. Jur (...)
Edgar Martins, United Kingdom — “Siloquies and Soliloquies on Death, Life and Other Interludes”, chosen by Yumi Goto. Boulder. ”No one knows an emaciated individual in his 50s, with grey hair and b (...)
Mirko Saviane, Italy — "B-Uranus", chosen by Azu Nwagbogu. © Mirko Saviane. Juror's Pick, Magnum Photography Awards 2017


Antonio Faccilongo (Italy), Panos Kefalos (Greece), Zhang KeChun (China), Sasha Maslov (United States), Gregg Segal (United States), Ash Shinya Kawaoto (Japan), Jonathan Bachman (United States), Thomas Alleman (United States), Jens Juul (Denmark), Gabriel Romero (United States), Paul D’Haese (Belgium), Roei Greenberg (Israel), Emilien Urbano (France),  Ramona Deckers (Netherlands), Karen Pulfer Focht (United States), Amos Nachoum (United States), Matthew Sowa (United States), Farida Lemeatrag (Belguim), Ana Carolina Fernandes (Brazil), A.M. Ahad (Bangladesh), Thom Pierce (South Africa).

See all of the finalists on LensCulture here.

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