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"Photography, for me,is just the perfect excuse."

- Cristina de Middel

b. 1975


Based in Alicante, Spain


Available for commissions
& assignments

Cristina de Middel is a photographer whose work investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship to truth. Blending documentary and conceptual photographic practices, she plays with reconstructions and archetypes in order to build a more layered understanding of the subject she approaches.

From the premise that the description of the world provided by mass media is reducing the real understanding of the world we live in, her selection of subjects responds to the urgency of completing the portrait or re-launching the debate taking the potential of photography as the raw material for her story-telling.

After a 10 year career as a photojournalist, Cristina stepped outside of the straight documentary gaze and produced the acclaimed series “The Afronauts” (2012), which explored the history of a failed space program in Zambia in the 1960s through staged reenactments of obscure narratives that challenged the traditional depiction of the African continent.

De Middel continuously produces new bodies of work. The series This is what hatred did (2014), Sharkification (2015) and Jan Mayen (2015), to name a few examples were all published as books in 2015.

De Middel’s work has received numerous awards in both the editorial and the artistic field, including PhotoFolio Arles 2012, Finalist of the Deutsche Börse Prize, and the Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography in New York.

Cristina became a Magnum nominee in 2017.

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Cristina de Middel

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Cristina de Middel

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