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The Magnum Digest: January 8, 2021

Peter van Agtmael photographs storming of US Capitol for TIME, Mark Power’s project Good Morning America in the British Journal of Photography, Peter Marlow’s snow image in The Guardian, plus more this week

Peter van Agtmael | DSC04090 Following an inflammatory speech by President Trump, protestors objecting to the certification of Joe Biden by Congress storm the Capitol. They were briefly blocked by police before gaining entry, (...)

Storming of the US Capitol depicted by Peter van Agtmael

TIME magazine has published images by Peter van Agtmael from the US Capitol, this Wednesday January 6, as a mob of pro-Trump supporters broke in to block the transfer of the presidency to Joe Biden. See the full series of images from TIME‘s assigned photographers here.

Read an interview between Peter van Agtmael and Fred Ritchin, dean emeritus of the International Center of Photography, about witnessing the unrest at the capitol, on Magnum here.

Peter van Agtmael | DSC03854 Protestors clash with police before gaining entry to the capitol. Following an inflammatory speech by President Trump, protestors objecting to the certification of Joe Biden by Congress storm the C (...)

Mark Power’s Good Morning America project in The BJP

The British Journal of Photography recently published a gallery of images from the third and latest installment of Mark Power’s five-part book series Good Morning America, which explores the relationship between the cultural image of the United States and the photographer’s experiences of the country while travelling and photographing there over a period of decades. See the work here. Read about the previous installment of the project on Magnum here.

Mark Power Hachita. New Mexico. USA. 25th January 2020. © Mark Power | Magnum Photos

Peter Marlow’s snow image in The Guardian

The Guardian’s ‘big picture’ series this week features an image by Peter Marlow of a snowy scene in London’s Greenwich Park from 2009. Meditating on the photo, the newspaper’s Tim Adams reflects on feelings of revelry during a spell of severe weather, in a time of crises in Britain a decade ago. Read the piece here.

Peter Marlow 2009 saw some of the heaviest snow for years in London, the city transport and schools were closed for up to two days as London came to grips with the unexpected severe weather. School children enj (...)

Matt Black’s image in The Guardian’s photos of 2020

The Guardian has published a compilation of their favorite images from stories that summarised 2020, which includes one photograph by Matt Black. His stark black and white image of Californian valleys is part of a story examining the collision of multiple natural and socioeconomic challenges to rural areas across the state. See the newspaper’s full roundup here.

Matt Black Burned hillside. Terra Bella, California. USA. 2020. © Matt Black | Magnum Photos

Guille and Belinda in The Independent Photographer

The Independent Photographer has published an interview with Alessandra Sanguinetti on The Illusion of An Everlasting Summer, her follow-up publication to her initial work from 2010, which explores the story of two women, Guille and Belinda, whom Sanguinetti has collaborated with and photographed over decades. Read the piece here, and find out more about the project on Magnum here.

Alessandra Sanguinetti Belinda. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2007. © Alessandra Sanguinetti | Magnum Photos

Paolo Pellegin’s project on The New Yorker

The New Yorker has published a review of the year through its stories told through interactive media. One of their features commissioned Paolo Pellegrin to follow the crew of the submarine which embarked on an expedition to visit the five deepest points of the Earth’s oceans. The piece included graphics illustrating the journey of the craft, as well as its technical workings. See the list of features here.

Paolo Pellegrin Launching the sub in the sea. Pressure Drop. The Five Deeps Expedition was the first successful attempt to send a manned submersible to the deepest part of each of ocean. Svalbard. Norway. August 2 (...)
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