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The Magnum Digest: January 22, 2021

Bruce Gilden depicts inauguration day, Peter van Agtmael’s year-long portrait of turbulence in the USA, Magnum photographers on American fashion from coast to coast, plus more

Bruce Gilden USA. Washington DC. 19 January 2021. National Guard checkpoint on L st. the night before inauguration © Bruce Gilden | Magnum Photos

Bruce Gilden photographs presidential inauguration day for The Economist

The Economist’s 1843 Magazine has published a feature reporting from the inauguration of US President Joe Biden in Washington DC, featuring photographs taken by Bruce Gilden. See the images online here.

Bruce Gilden USA. Washington DC. 20 January 2021. Sweatshirt with comedic imagery of Trump being arrested in within the White House being worn on Pensylvania Ave. SE on the morning of the election. © Bruce Gilden | Magnum Photos

Peter van Agtmael depicts 12 turbulent months in Trump’s America

TIME has featured Peter van Agtmael’s photographic coverage in America during 2020 that saw the photographer on the front line of Trump’s rallies and anti-racism protests in the context of COVID-19, during an election year. Van Agtmael followed the activities of the Black Lives Matter movement; politics, populism and ‘Trumpism’; the election night at the White House, and the recent events at the Capitol, photographing the pro-Trump rally that ultimately led to protesters breaching Capitol security and invading the building itself.

The photographer reflects: “This year, kind of embodies all these things I’ve been looking at for the last 15 years: How forms of nationalism and militarism found a bedfellow in Trump, and well beyond that, to identity politics and a kind of sordid version of patriotism.” See the portfolio on TIME here. Read an interview with Peter van Agtmael and Fred Ritchin, on witnessing the invasion of the Capitol building, on Magnum here.

Peter van Agtmael USA. Annapolis, Maryland. April 18, 2020. Two protestors, part of a caravan of cars that descended on the Maryland State House in Annapolis on 4/18 to protest the Coronavirus related restrictions. © Peter van Agtmael | Magnum Photos

Magnum Photographers depict fashion in America for Vogue

Vogue has published an expanded feature exploring pioneering fashion designers across the United States. Magnum’s Alex Webb, Hannah Price and Sabiha Çimen depicted designers and their work on the country’s East Coast, while Eli Reed and Colby Deal photographed in the South. See the full piece here.

Colby Deal USA. Dallas, Texas. 2020. Cristina Lynch of Mi Golondrina. © Colby Deal | Magnum Photos
Eli Reed USA. Van Horn, Texas. 2020. From left: Sarah Means and Lizzie Means Duplantis, both in Miron Crosby boots, at their family’s ranch. © Eli Reed | Magnum Photos
Hannah Price USA. Philadelpphia, Pennsylvania. 2020. Founder of JBD Apparel, Saudia Islam. © Hannah Price | Magnum Photos

Lindokuhle Sobekwa writes on Ernest Cole’s for Tate Etc. magazine

Tate Etc., released by the Tate network of galleries in the UK, has published a feature about the life and work of South African photographer Ernest Cole. The piece is accompanied by Magnum photographer Lindokuhle Sobekwa’s personal reflection on the influence Cole had on his practice. Read the piece in Issue 51 of the print magazine, and online here.

Ernest Cole SOUTH AFRICA. All stand packed together on the floors and seats. (According to Struan Robertson thieves and pickpockets (tsotsis) had a field day in these extremely crowded conditions, especially (...)

Susan Meiselas photographs Sasha Pivarova and Jordan Daniels for Vogue

Vogue recently assigned Susan Meiselas to photograph models Sasha Pivarova and Jordan Daniels as they passed the pandemic at home, spending time with family, or connecting to communities via social media. See the features online here, as well as in the February print issue of the magazine.

Susan Meiselas USA. Lower East Side, New York. 2020. Model Jordan Daniels, making tik tok videos on the rooftop of her home, with her friends, journalist and model, Anaa and Tyrell Hampton, dancer and photographer. © Susan Meiselas | Magnum Photos
Susan Meiselas USA. New York. 2020. Water Mill. Model and artist Sasha Pivorarova, in kitchen with her 1 yr old daughter Sofia, her 8 yr old Mia and husband Igor. © Susan Meiselas | Magnum Photos

Rafal Milach’s protest photography in Society Mag

French publication Society Mag has shared a feature on Rafal Milach’s documentation of the women’s strike in Warsaw, Poland, which opposed a governmental ruling banning abortion. The demonstrations lasted for a month and were attended by 100,000 protestors on October 30. Read more about the story in the print issue #147.

Rafał Milach Poland, Warsaw 22.10.2020 Despite of Covid-19 pandemic people spontanously took to the streets to protest against the Constitutional Court's (controlled by the right wing PiS party) declaration th (...)

Antoine d’Agata’s book reviewed by Lunettes Rouges, via Le Monde

Le Monde’s art review segment, featuring the blog posts of Lunettes Rouge, has published a piece focusing on Antoine d’Agata’s latest book which pairs his images with the work of Francis Bacon. You can read the review, in French, in the post dated January 16, here.

Antoine d’Agata © Antoine d’Agata | Magnum Photos

Cristina de Middel wins Prix Virginia 2020

The Prix Virginia has selected Cristina de Middel as its prize-winner for 2020, for her body of work, Journey to The Center. The series follows migrants on their journey through central America. Of her approach to the work, de Middel says, “I mix real documentary photographs with staged and fictionalized ones together with archival imagery that I collect during the trip, in order to build a multi-layered narrative that eventually raises more questions that brings answers.” Read more about the award here.

Cristina de Middel Hierve el Agua are petrified waterfalls and sulfuric spring source located in the state of Oaxaca. despite the growng affluence of tourists it remains a sacred place for natives. © Cristina de Middel | Magnum Photos
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