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The Magnum Digest: February 8, 2019

Matt Black for Topic, Emin Özmen in Venezuela, Susan Meiselas on NOWNESS, and more this week from Magnum photographers

Matt Black Shoveling snow. Aroostook County, Maine. USA. 2019. © Matt Black | Magnum Photos

Matt Black for Topic

Matt Black’s ongoing pursuit of documenting the lives of those afflicted by poverty in the United States has taken him to Maine, the nations oldest state in terms of median age, in order to tell the stories of the elderly population struggling through winter. See the feature on Topic here.

Matt Black Woman at home. Steuben, Maine. USA. 2019. © Matt Black | Magnum Photos

Emin Özmen in Venezuela

Magnum nominee Emin Özmen photographed the ongoing unrest in Venezuela. See his latest work on l’Obs here and on Magnum here. The photographer told Magnum Photos: “I think the photos are a reflection of Venezuelan society. A divided society.”

Emin Özmen Protestors look at a flag of Maduro burning near Las Mercedes in Caracas, during the gathering in support of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido. On Saturday 2nd of February, hundreds of (...)

Susan Meiselas on NOWNESS

The latest film in NOWNESS’ Photographers in Focus series explores the work of Susan Meiselas. Take a deep-dive into her practice and watch the video here.

Meiselas features in new online course, The Art of Street Photography, here. Learn more about her photographic approach and browse her most famous stories on Magnum here.

Susan Meiselas Hanging out on Baxter Street. Little Italy, New York City, USA. 1978. © Susan Meiselas | Magnum Photos
Susan Meiselas Shortie on the Bally. Barton, Vermont. USA. 1974. © Susan Meiselas | Magnum Photos

Sim Chi Yin Nominated for Aesthetica Art Prize

Magnum nominee Sim Chi Yin has been nominated for the Aesthetica Art prize 2019. Read about the awards and other nominated artists, photographers and filmmakers here.

Read about Sim Chi Yin’s practice on Magnum here.

Sim Chi Yin The snow melt from this range feeds into the Columbia River, which was the source of water for the Hanford Site’s B Reactor – the world’s first full-scale nuclear reactor which was built in 1943. T (...)
Sim Chi Yin Looking into North Korea from the north peak of Mount Paektu, elevation 2,744 m, an active volcano on the border of North Korea and China. The mountain and the crater lake formed by a volcanic erup (...)

Magnum x Create

The Magnum x Create initiative, which took place in late 2018, saw young Londoners mentored by Magnum staff and Magnum nominee photographer Lua Ribeira to create a project responding to the question, “What is your London?” The BBC took a look at some of the work produced by the group, which is available to see here. The students offered their top tips for carving a career in the photography industry on Lecture in Progress here.

Lúa Ribeira Allison and daughter at home Birmingham. England. GB. 2015. © Lúa Ribeira | Magnum Photos

Sign of the Times

In the early Nineties, the BBC aired a documentary series on the subject of taste in the British home. Directed by Nicholas Barker, Sign of the Times is fly-on-the-wall documentary. British photographer Martin Parr was the stills photographer during the documentary shoot and created a subsequent book of the work.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the documentaries on BBC iPlayer here.

Martin Parr 'I don't think it's anything particularly forced on Deborah. We've just always enjoyed the same sort of things.' From 'Signs of the Times'. England. GB. 1991. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos

Chris Steele-Perkins’ New Book on London Diversity

Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkins has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his forthcoming book on his New Londoners Family project, which began four years ago with Steele-Perkins photographing families with global origins living in the UK capital. Support the project here.

Read more about the extensive project on Magnum here.


Chris Steele-Perkins Iraqi/Syrian David family living in Wembly, London. Father, Samir David, mother Nahrin, son, Nishra'd' Atour, daughter at piano, Ninweh and daughter Noora. New Londoners. London. England. GB. 2013. © Chris Steele-Perkins | Magnum Photos
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