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The Magnum Digest: March 27, 2020

Alex Majoli’s images of COVID-19-struck Italy, Jerome Sessini photographs military response in eastern France, Paolo Pellegrin’s portrait of Kanye West on the cover of Wall Street Journal Magazine, and more

Alex Majoli Nearly 3000 people have now died from coronavirus in Italy - the most affected country after China. St. Lucia square. Siracusa. Italy. March 15, 2020. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos

Alex Majoli photographs the impact of coronavirus on Italy

Travelling to Sicily from Cogdogno, in the north of Italy, Alex Majoli captured emergency responses and desolate scenes in the region as the country reacted to a sudden increase in cases of COVID-19.  The Italian photographer spoke to Vanity Fair about his experience documenting the events. The story, which is featured on the publication’s digital cover, can be viewed online.

Alex Majoli Carmelo Iacobello, head of the infectious-disease department at Cannizzaro Hospital, meets with his team. “I have never seen anything like this in my career,” he says. “You think everything is fine (...)
Alex Majoli Nearly 3000 people have now died from coronavirus in Italy - the most affected country after China. In center town. Catania. Italy. March 14, 2020. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos

Jérôme Sessini photographs coronavirus response in eastern France

L’Obs’s coverage of the escalating coronavirus outbreak in Mulhouse, France, this week is accompanied by photographs by Jérôme Sessini. The city, in Alsace, has become the epicentre of the outbreak in the country and is now the location of a temporarily-repurposed field hospital, where military medical personnel have been stationed. Read more on the story in the print edition of the magazine.

Jérôme Sessini A person infected by Covid 19 is being transfered by helicopter to another hospital for lake of space at Mulhouse’s hospital. Currently the French department most affected by the coronavirus epide (...)

Newsha Tavakolian on coronavirus and taking pause, for National Geographic

Photographs and a personal account from Tehran by Newsha Tavakolian appear this week on National Geographic. The piece anticipated Iranian New Year and reflected on the effects of being forced to take pause, as a result of nationwide and worldwide restrictions. Read the piece here.

Newsha Tavakolian My father died exactly a year ago. He became 64. Heart attack. We had planned a big commemoration ceremony, invited guests, ordered food. But we had to cancel everything. It was very sad but what e (...)

Magnum photographers compile coronavirus diaries

A new initiative led by Magnum photographers sees the collective’s active membership—now restricted in their movements— documenting their experiences of the global crisis resulting from COVID-19. See daily updates from them on Magnum Photos’ Instagram in the form of both Instagram Stories takeovers and new images. Regular curations of these images will made by project lead Peter van Agtmael and published on this site: see the first in the series here. Beginning this weekend, a new video series titled Quarantine Coversations will also see the photographers engaging in dialogue with each other in the context of social distancing.

Jean Gaumy Annick has been our neighbor for 25 years now. Most pupils in Fécamp had her as French teacher. At her request, I left on the low wall separating our gardens, the bread I went to get at the baker (...)

Paolo Pellegrin photographs Kanye West for Wall Street Journal Magazine

The Wall Street Journal Magazine has featured Paolo Pellegrin’s portrait of Kanye West as their digital magazine cover. The photographer documented the hip hop artist at work at his fashion studio, as well as on tour at his roving gospel services — in which the choir wear uniforms which the musician has designed. Read the story and see Pellegrin’s images here.

Paolo Pellegrin | 1 © Paolo Pellegrin | Magnum Photos

Martin Parr shoots campaign for Gucci mascara

The latest Gucci Beauty product was modelled by punk musician Dani Miller in a campaign shot by Martin Parr. Read a commentary by The Guardian on the campaign here. Miller also modelled lipstick by the brand, in a grinning image by Parr which was recently affixed in large scale on the side of buildings in New York, London, Mexico City and Milan.

Martin Parr | 1 © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
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