Quarantine Conversations: Richard Kalvar and Jérôme Sessini

The photographers discuss conflict photography, fear, and invulnerability

Magnum Photographers

Bieke Depoorter © Bieke Depoorter | Magnum Photos

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has resulted in most Magnum photographers being restricted in their movements.

As part of a broader photographer-led response, a new series, Quarantine Conversations, will see Magnum photographers in frank, and unedited dialogues about work, current affairs, and everything in-between.

The pairings for these conversations will be made by lottery, and this third iteration sees Richard Kalvar asking three key questions of Jerome Sessini. They talk about the reasons to start and quit conflict photography, fear, instinct, invulnerability, selfishness, and being seen as a savior.

You can keep abreast of new work on the crisis via Magnum Photos’ Instagram feed. Regular curations of new images will made by project lead Peter van Agtmael and published on this site. You can see more of Magnum’s COVID-19 coverage here.

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