Diary of a Pandemic: March 26, 2020

Jonas Bendiksen At home with daughters Boe and Billie, as all the nursery schools are closed during the Coronavirus outbreak. Nesoddtangeen. Norway. 2020. © Jonas Bendiksen | Magnum Photos
Jonas Bendiksen NORWAY. 2020. Nesoddtangeen. At home with daughters Boe and Billie, as all the nursery schools are closed during the Coronavirus outbreak. © Jonas Bendiksen | Magnum Photos
Jean Gaumy Annick has been our neighbor for 25 years now. Most pupils in Fécamp had her as French teacher. At her request, I left on the low wall separating our gardens, the bread I went to get at the baker (...)
Mark Power Monday’s extraordinary u-turn by Boris Johnson’s government, from the bizarre concept of ‘Herd immunity’, allowing the virus to naturally spread to enough people to eventually bring it to an end (u (...)
Stuart Franklin Schools are closed and exams are canceled. This is Sophie’s last day going in. Her friends have signed her school shirt. Caroline going back to work at A&E this afternoon. England. London. GB. Marc (...)
Nanna Heitmann I had to self- quarantine after the retreat, since I travelled to Germany. In Russia there are only 140 people infected officially but that can’t be true and it's likely the subway will close soon. (...)
Richard Kalvar My wife using a steam inhaler, which may make things better, or worse, depending on whom you ask. Paris. FRANCE. March 19, 2020. © Richard Kalvar | Magnum Photos
Peter van Agtmael A few months ago I paid casual attention to what was going on in Wuhan. It seemed very far away. In the past week it's really begun to sink in that this could become a civilizational catastrophe. (...)
Emin Özmen We are stressed after learning two of our nephews have been diagnosed with Covid-19. They are 4 and 6 years old living in France, far from us. Here my wife Cloé is sitting on the couch, lost in her (...)
Carl De Keyzer The street where we are currently staying. We are fine but sort of stuck in the middle of our trip. Working on a new project in the US and moving from one Airbnb to the next. Most of the events I w (...)
Sim Chi Yin (Sim Chi Yin documents her activities during the Coronavirus pandemic.) Dear Lucas, In three weeks or less, you are due to join us. What a chaotic world you are being born into…. On Monday, your da (...)
Cristina de Middel I have been myself juggling from denial to paranoia, changing my mind about the seriousness of the situation every 2 minutes, sounding careless when conversations became too dramatic and alarming w (...)
David Hurn David Hurn documents his activities during the Coronavirus pandemic. Tintern. Wales. GB. March 20, 2020. © David Hurn | Magnum Photos