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The Magnum Digest: March 13, 2020

Magnum photographers cover the refugee crisis in Idlib and Edirne, Stuart Franklin profiles and photographs James Ellroy, Martin Parr shoots for Spanish Vogue, plus more this week

Stuart Franklin Shauntel. Off Valley Boulevard. El Monte. Los Angeles. USA. 2020. (Model release obtained). © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos

Stuart Franklin profiles James Ellroy

Stuart Franklin has photographed the crime writer James Ellroy as part of an ongoing project on literature and place. Franklin’s images were accompanied his text which explores the writer’s obsessions. The photographs trace the places in Los Angeles that feature within Ellroy’s personal history including his childhood home and the location where his mother was murdered when he was ten years old.

Read the feautre and see the photographs on The New York Review of Books here.

Stuart Franklin The table frequented by James Ellroy. Pacific Dining Car. Los Angeles. USA. 2020. © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos
Stuart Franklin Los Angeles. USA. 2020. © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos

Emin Özmen, Enri Canaj and Lorenzo Meloni cover unfurling refugee crises

Magnum nominee photographer Emin Özmen’s work at the Greek-Turkish border has been published in TIME magazine and Libération. Read the TIME piece here, and find the Libération article in their print edition.

Emin Özmen A man is desperately trying to protect himself from tear gas. Greek police fired it to repel hundreds of migrants who sought to force their way across the border from Turkey. Turkey, Edirne. 2020. © Emin Özmen | Magnum Photos
Emin Özmen Migrants wait in front of Greek border gate in Pazarkule, Edirne. Thousands of them flocked into the buffer zone between Turkish Greek border in a hope to cross the border into Greece. Turkey, Edi (...)

Another installment of Özmen’s work focusing on the effects of the conflict on children in Idlib has appeared in The Washington Post. Read that feature here.

Emin Özmen Since December 2019, people took shelter in a stadium. The camp is now expanding outside the stadium due to the massive number of new arrivals. Today there are 50 families (295 persons) living ther (...)

Lorenzo Meloni, who has shot images for Le Monde, recently spent time in Idlib documenting the displaced Syrians. See his photographs here.

Enri Canaj’s photographs of the events in Idlib accompany German paper Die Welt’s story — online and in print— as well as L’Obs’ coverage — seen in this week’s paper and online here.

Enri Canaj In the first days of the crisis, young local volunteers flocked to the border region in support of stretched police and army forces, to carry out patrols and alert the security forces when they cam (...)
Enri Canaj In the first days of the crisis, young local volunteers flocked to the border region in support of stretched police and army forces, to carry out patrols and alert the security forces when they cam (...)

Martin Parr shoots for Vogue España

An extensive fashion story for the Spanish edition of Vogue features images by Martin Parr. The styling is inspired by characters from Spanish literature, as well as traditional dress and customs. See the story in Vogue España’s February 2020 issue.

Martin Parr Fashion shoot for Spanish Vogue. Combustibles Criptana petrol station. Castile-La Mancha. Spain. 2019. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
Martin Parr Fashion shoot for Spanish Vogue. Campo De Criptana Market. Castile-La Mancha. Spain. 2019. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos

Alessandra Sanguinetti photographs girls affected by conflict

The Magnum photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti was recently in Gaza on assignment for Save the Children. She worked with several young women, exploring their experiences of life in the midst of conflict. See a piece in TIME, featuring photographs by Sanguinetti, Lynsey Addario and Esther Mbabazi, here.

Alessandra Sanguinetti © Alessandra Sanguinetti | Magnum Photos

LINEA exhibition on BJP

The group project by Magnum photographers exploring the USA-Mexico border, titled LINEA, features in The British Journal of Photography’s write-up of the Trump Revolution: Immigration exhibition at the Bronx Documentary Center. See the piece here.

Traveling along the U.S./Mexico border in Tijuana. Mexico. May, 2019. © Jim Goldberg and Cristina de Middel/Magnum Photos

Henri Cartier-Bresson in The Guardian

The Guardian’s ‘big picture’ series this week features an image by Henri Cartier-Bresson from the coronation of George VI of England, in 1937. The images comes from the photographer’s first-ever assignment, for the French communist newspaper Ce Soir. The article recounts how the Magnum co-founder focused not on the ceremony itself but “kept his Leica trained on the crowds in Trafalgar Square”, in tune with the irreverent attitude of the paper — an approach he took forward in his future practice. See the piece here.

Henri Cartier-Bresson Coronation of King George VI. London. Great Britain. 12 May 1937. "People had waited all night in Trafalgar Square in order not to miss any part of the coronation ceremony of George VI. Some slept (...)

Book and exhibition by Life on its most influential photo essays

The BBC has published an article on the new book, Life Magazine and the Power of Photography, and an accompanying exhibition at Princeton University of the same name. The project explores the role that the American magazine played in creating “the pictures that shaped how we view a nation”, including the well-known images by Robert Capa of the D-Day landings at Omaha Beach. Read the piece here.

Robert Capa © International Center of Photography American troops landing on Omaha Beach, D-Day. Normandy. France. June 6th, 1944. © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography | Magnum Photos

Women Trailblazers on CNN

A piece on CNN exploring the Trailblazers of Light project started by Yunghi Kim, recognizing women photojournalists who began their careers in the film era, features Eve Arnold — one of the first women to become a member of Magnum Photos.

Read the CNN piece here, see the full list of Trailblazers here, and view images and a text by Arnold from her book The Unretouched Woman, which featured a range of portrayals of women from across 25 years of her career, here.

Eve Arnold Eve Arnold on the set of Becket. Photo: Robert Penn. 1963 © Eve Arnold | Magnum Photos
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