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The Magnum Digest: July 12, 2019

Patrick Zachmann inside the ruin of Notre Dame, Alex Majoli’s TIME cover, Mark Power’s ‘Good Morning America (Volume Two)’ on PDN, and more from Magnum photographers this week

Patrick Zachmann Before the reconstruction of the Cathedral process can start, the main priorities consist of disposing the rubble and securitize the infrastructure to avoid any further collapse. 25 June 2019. Pari (...)

Patrick Zachmann photographs the efforts to restore Notre Dame

French photographer Patrick Zachmann has been granted access to Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral to document the ongoing efforts to secure – and restore – the World Heritage site following the catastrophic fire of April 15, 2019. The first publication of this ongoing work appeared on TIME this week.

You can see Zachmann’s work on TIME, here.

Patrick Zachmann Statues covered with protective sheets. Before the reconstruction process of the Cathedral can start, the main priorities consist of disposing the rubble and securitize the infrastructure to avoid (...)

Good Morning America (Volume Two) on PDN

The second instalment of Mark Power’s five-book exploration of contemporary America and its landscapes has been featured by PDN. Good Morning America (Volume Two) is available now, here. You can see the work on PDN here, and you can read about the first instalment of the project on Magnum, here.

Good Morning America (Volume Two) is available to buy, here.

Mark Power Williston, North Dakota 10.2018 © Mark Power | Magnum Photos
Mark Power Cincinnati, Ohio 11.2018 © Mark Power | Magnum Photos

Alex Majoli’s TIME cover

Alex Majoli photographed the serving Israeli prime minister and chairman of the Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the cover of this week’s issue of TIME Magazine. You can see the cover, and read the extensive interview with Netenyahu on TIME, here.

Alex Majoli | Cover of July 22, 2019 edition of TIME. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos

The Unretouched Women exhibition is reviewed on Hunger

Now showing at The Rencontres d’Arles, The Unretouched Women is an exhibition showcasing the work of Susan Meiselas and Eve Arnold  alongside Abigail Heyman. The exhibition combines work from the three photographers’ photobooks all published in the 1970s – including Arnold’s The Unretouched Woman and Meiselas’s Carnival Strippers – which challenged gender bias and put “women to the test of the photographic image, avoiding stereotypes to draw alternative representations.”

Read a write-up of the exhibition on Hunger here. You can see more work from the The Unretouched Woman here, and Carnival Strippers, here.

Eve Arnold Joan CRAWFORD having a face massage. 1959. © Eve Arnold | Magnum Photos