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Jazz de J à ZZ

Guy le Querrec explores his passion for Jazz over three decades

Guy Le Querrec

Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ The American jazz musician Charles Mingus (bass player), leaving Marseille-Marignane's airport, the day after the concert of the Charlie Mingus Quartet in Chateauvallon. Bouches-du-Rhône. Thursday, (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ At the film studios, in a film set created by Alexandre Trauner, reproducing New York jazz club the 'Birdland'. Make up touch up before the shooting of a scene: in the center Dexter Gordon (tenor s (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ New Morning concert hall. From right to left: the Italian jazz musician Aldo Romano (drum), carrying the French jazz composer and pianist Michel Petrucciani. The French jazz musicians Sébastien T (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ US trumpet player Miles Davis. Miles Davis Quintet includes: Miles Davis (trumpet), Wayne Shorter (tenor saxophone), Chick Corea (keyboards), Dave Holland (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums). Salle Ple (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ 'Salle Pleyel' concert hall. Before the concert of the Elvin Jones Trio including: Elvin Jones (drum), Jimmy Garrison (bass), Joe Farrell (saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe). The American jazz music (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ In the center: Maggie Nicols (vocals). On the left: Angele Veltmeijer (saxophones, flute). On the right: Françoise Dupety (saxophones, guitar). Feminist Improvising Group. Rehearsal for the conce (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ Improvised concert with the Africa Mbonda ballet. Background from left to right, the jazz musicians: French Henri Texier (double bass), Italian Aldo Romano (drum) and French Louis Sclavis (saxopho (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ The annual French Communist Party festival. Concert of the Martial Solal Big Band broadcasted on a giant screen; hands of the French jazz musician Martial Solal (piano, conductor). La Courneuve (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ Installation before the soundcheck-rehearsal for the concert "The Westbrook Song Book" . In the foreground: Dominique Pifarley (violin). Background, from left to right: Anthony Kerr (percus (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ At Guy Maurette's home, director of the ICEF Institut Culturel d'Expression Française. Appearing on the television the American jazz musician John Coltrane (saxophones tenor & soprano). Malabo, Bio (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ From left to right: (from behind) Tony Rabeson (drums, percussions), Bojan Zulfikarpasic (piano) (sitting), Emmanuelle De Murcia (from behind). France, Tarpinian. 1992. © Guy Le Querrec | Magnum Photos
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ 17th 'Uzeste Musical' Festival. From left to right: Philippe Deschepper (guitar), Marc Ducret (guitar), Sylvain Kassap (clarinets, saxophones), Dominique Pifarely (violin). Uzeste, Gironde departm (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ In the foreground: Hélène Laberriere (bass). Background: Jean-François Jenny-Clarke (bass), Didier Lockwood (violin). "Jazzmen Français à New-York". Between John F. Kennedy Airport and the Omni Pa (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ From left to right: Steve Swallow (bass, electric bass), Michel Orier (Director of Label Bleu), Henri Texier (bass), Guy Le Querrec (photographer). 'Henri Texier Invite' Formation. Recorder of the (...)
Guy Le Querrec | Jazz de J à ZZ French musician Michel Portal (Clarinets, saxophones, bandoneon). On a train between Pau and Paris. The day after his concert with Jean-Claude Pennetier (piano). France. February, 1981. © Guy Le Querrec | Magnum Photos
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