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The Magnum Digest: November 8, 2019

Magnum members join Photography Hall of Fame, Sohrab Hura wins Paris Photo-Aperture Photobook Award, Alec Soth photographs Detroit's booming art scene, and more from Magnum photographers over recent weeks

Bruce Davidson East 100th Street. New York City. USA. 1966. © Bruce Davidson | Magnum Photos

Magnum members join International Photography Hall of Fame

There Magnum photographers, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt and Steve McCurry, have been inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame. The IPHF annually awards and inducts, “notable photographers or photography industry visionaries for their artistry, innovation, and significant contributions to the art and science of photography.” An exhibition of new inductees’ work is now open at the IPHF Museum, St. Louis, MO.

More information about the Hall of Fame, and this year’s inductees can be found here.

Elliott Erwitt New York City. USA. 2000. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
Steve McCurry Al Ahmadi oil field. Kuwait. 1991. © Steve McCurry | Magnum Photos

Sohrab Hura wins Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Award

The Coast, Sohrab Hura‘s latest book, has been announced as the winner of the 2019 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook of the Year award. The Coast explores a growing mood of personal and political violence in India through Hura’s images and his repeated, morphing short story.

Nina Strand, one member of the award’s jury, said that The Coast is a “photobook that works on the same level as a challenging work of fiction.”Another jury member, Emma Bowkett, described the publication as, “a lyrical, political narrative with a strong, determined voice.”

You can learn more about the book and the wider project through an interview with Hura on Magnum, here. You can read about this year’s Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Award winners on the Aperture site, here.

Sohrab Hura | Bait. India. 2018. © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos

Detroit’s creatives profiled in W Magazine

Alec Soth has photographed the figures playing a part in what W Magazine dubs Detroit’s “artistic renaissance”. His portraits accompany a feature looking at the city’s resurgent independent arts scene. You can read the article on W, here.

Alec Soth Allie McGhee, in his riverfront studio hung with paintings for a solo show. Detroit, MI. USA. 2019. © Alec Soth | Magnum Photos

Emin Özmen’s new work on Buzzfeed News

Emin Özmen has, over recent weeks, been photographing ongoing incursions by Turkish forces into Kurdish-held regions of northern Syria. The escalating tensions in the region, which followed a largescale withdrawal of US forces by president Trump, have left civilians in towns like Akçakale once again mired in violence, and the tentative stability the region experienced after the defeat of Islamic State shattered.

You can see the feature on Buzzfeed News, here.

Emin Özmen Farmers wave while Turkish military vehicles carrying tanks as they are on the way to Northern Syria to join ongoing military operation against Kurdish fighters. Akcakale, Turkey, 2019. © Emin Özmen | Magnum Photos

Omaha Sketchbook reviewed in The Washington Post

Gregory Halpern’s newest photobook, Omaha Sketchbook, has been reviewed in The Washington Post. The book, which is a recreation of the photographer’s working sketchbooks from his time photographing in Omaha, Nebraska, looks at traditional American masculinity in the Midwestern City. As the review notes: “Ultimately, Omaha Sketchbook isn’t merely an examination of male life in the American Midwest, but a meditation on “Americanness” overall.”

You can read an extensive interview with Halpern about the work, on Magnum, here. And you can read the Post’s article, here.

Gregory Halpern Lewis at football practice. Omaha, Nebraska. USA. 2005-2018. © Gregory Halpern | Magnum Photos

One of Mark Power’s subjects tracked down by The Wall Street Journal

Falk Fleischer was a 20-year-old trainee East German border guard at the Berlin Wall’s Checkpoint Charlie on Nov. 9, 1989 – the night that the city finally unified after decades of enforced division. Mark Power was photographing at the Checkpoint and Fleischer’s lost-looking face is one of many in his coverage of the events.

The Wall Street Journal tracked down Fleischer to discuss his efforts to rebuild his life in a new Germany after ‘89. You can read the feature here.

This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the city’s unification. You can see more of Power’s work on the wall, as well as that of other Magnum photographers, here.

Mark Power The Fall of the Berlin Wall. East German border guards stand aside in the immediate aftermath of the opening of the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie at midnight on November 9th 1989. West Berlin. (...)

Jean Gaumy featured in rundown of the best LFI covers of the last 70 years

“I love the raw emotions in the scene. You know that Jean is completely there: I can feel the waves crashing, I can taste the salt. He’s not just carrying out an assignment: he’s fully committed to the story, and is, in fact, one of the fishermen; only his tool isn’t a net but his camera.” So writes Dominic Nahr – in Leica Photographie International’s – of Jean Gaumy’s photograph of fishermen at work on a rolling deck at sea. The write up is part of LFI’s ongoing series on its best cover images.

You can read more about the image and see the other entries here.

Jean Gaumy On board the Spanish trawler "Rowanlea". North Atlantic. 1998. © Jean Gaumy | Magnum Photos

David Seymour’s portrait of Tereska explored

Of the many photographs David ‘Chim’ Seymour made of children as part of his extensive documentation of ravaged, post-war Europe, his portrait of Tereska is perhaps the best-known. The young girl, captured as she draws her home, was photographed in a home for disturbed children in Warsaw, Poland. First published in LIFE the image was also included in Edward Steichen’s legendary “The Family of Man” exhibition at MoMA. Now, researchers have at last learned more about the girl in the photo.

You can read more on The Washington Post, here.

David Seymour Tereska, a child in a residence for disturbed children. She drew a picture of "home" on the blackboard. Poland. 1948. © David Seymour | Magnum Photos
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