Company Update: 28 October 2020

Magnum Photos has announced that David Alan Harvey has been suspended for a period of one year – with conditions attached to any reinstatement – following a formal investigation into an historical allegation.

Magnum temporarily suspended Mr. Harvey’s membership immediately after it received the specific allegation in August 2020. After a thorough investigation carried out by an independent investigator, Magnum’s board, with the assistance of outside legal counsel, concluded that the behaviour represented a breach of its code of conduct and by-laws.

A year-long suspension was found to be the appropriate sanction for Mr Harvey’s breach of the bylaws and the code of conduct that all members adopted in 2018. This decision affirms Magnum’s ongoing commitment to create a culture of dignity and respect, free of inappropriate conduct within the organisation and among the photographic community.

Mr Harvey has been asked to engage willingly in sensitivity and anti-harassment training among other requirements.

In seeking to improve transparency, an independent speak-up hotline with Safecall has been established and Magnum’s policies regarding conduct and acceptable behaviour are being further strengthened.