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Magnum Photos offers a range of workshops globally, aimed at all levels, from emerging photographers to established practitioners.

On-Demand Courses

Learn at your own pace with Magnum photographers through in-depth interviews, on-location shoots and off-line workbooks with expanded interviews.

Free Opportunities

Magnum Photos is committed to offering free educational opportunities and scholarships for emerging photographers under-represented in the industry.

Learn all the skills you possibly can—filmmaking, sound, writing, finance, marketing, painting, installation. Read, think, be curious and just keep making your own work! Don’t always listen to advice—no two practitioners’ paths are the same!

Sim Chi Yin

Upcoming Workshops

Online 21 April 2021 - 3pm CET / 9am EDT / 9pm HKT
Magnum Learn Team, Nanna Heitmann
Online 27.04.21 - 28.04.21
Alec Soth, Bieke Depoorter, Sohrab Hura
Online 29.04.21 - 05.05.21
Colby Deal, Jim Goldberg, Rafal Milach
Paris, France September 2021 - July 2022
Nanna Heitmann, Patrick Zachmann


Online Ongoing
Stuart Franklin
Online Ongoing
Bruce Gilden
Online Ongoing
Mark Power
Online Ongoing
Carolyn Drake
Online Ongoing
Sabiha Cimen
Online Ongoing
Lorenzo Meloni
Online Ongoing
Cristina de Middel
Online Ongoing
Chien-Chi Chang
Online Ongoing
Matt Black
Online Ongoing
Peter van Agtmael

Even after 15 years as a working photographer the Magnum Learn programme this year has been absolutely superb and expanded my mind to new possibilities. In a world where images are everywhere the Magnum courses and workshops re-focused my mind and re-inspired me to look at what’s really important, great storytelling. Having access to the world's best documentary photographers is something that wouldn’t be possible without Magnum Learn. Now living in a rural part of Australia I am even more isolated, but thanks to Magnum this year I have been able to connect on a global stage with peers and experts that wouldn’t previously had been possible.

Luke David Kellett