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The Magnum Digest: December 16, 2021

Nanna Heitmann shoots Dmitry Muratov and Russian Journalists for the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition; Patrick Zachmann and MAHJ launch a search for Holocaust survivors he depicted in the 1980s; Peter van Agtmael in The Atlantic and Alessandra Sanguinetti in Harper’s Bazaar

Nanna Heitmann Nobel Laureate Dmitry Muratov. Moscow, Russia. November 2021. © Nanna Heitmann | Magnum Photos for Nobel Peace Center © Nanna Heitmann | Magnum Photos

This Year’s Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition features work by Nanna Heitmann portraying “Dmitry Muratov in Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper he is running. She has also met young, independent journalists in Russia, many of whom are declared “foreign agents”, and operating under strong restrictions.”

The MAHJ in Paris is launching a search to find the identity of Holocaust survivors photographed by Patrick Zachmann in the 1980s. More information about Patrick’s current exhibition, and accompanying book, can be found here.

Patrick Zachmann Patrick Zachmann's exhibition "Voyages de mémoire" (Journeys in memory") at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism. Here, Bernard Grinfeld, son of Fraïm Grinfeld, by the picture behind him taken (...)

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing by Gilles Peress and Harry Gruyaert’s India have been reviewed by The New York Times here.

A short piece in The British Journal of Photography marks the re-release of Christopher Anderson’s Son with forty additional images charting Anderson’s family life since the original 2012 publication.

Christopher Anderson Atlas on bed. Tuscany, Italy. 2008. © Christopher Anderson | Magnum Photos
Harry Gruyaert Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. 2009. © Harry Gruyaert | Magnum Photos

The Guardian reports on the renewed prominence given to a 1936 image by Robert Capa of a Spanish bombsite, taken during the Spanish Civil War, at Madrid’s Reina Sofía Museum, as well as the wide-ranging social impact of the photograph.

Robert Capa After the Italo-German air raids. The Nationalist offensive on Madrid, which lasted from November 1936 to February 1937, was one of the fiercest of the Civil War. During this period Italy and Germa (...)

Peter van Agtmael talks to The Atlantic about his image of the crowd reacting to Trump’s arrival at a rally, in a short piece entitled “The Power of Trump’s Magnetism in One Photo”.

Alessandra Sanguinetti’s images illustrate an interview with Rita Moreno and Ariana DeBose in Harper’s Bazaar. Moreno was Anita in the 1961 film West Side Story and DeBose has taken the role in Steven Spielberg’s 2021 remake of the musical.

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