Joining the Cooperative

Submission Process for Prospective Nominees

To initiate the process of becoming a Nominee, the first step in joining Magnum Photos, please submit a photography portfolio comprising a minimum of two separate projects, each containing up to 30 images per project. Following this, indicate your nearest Magnum office. While we welcome applications from around the globe, our Magnum offices are situated in New York, Paris, and London. Subsequently, provide us with insights about yourself and the projects you’ve selected for submission. Please note that Magnum only accepts digital applications in the first phase of submission.

If your portfolio shows promise in the initial review round, it will then be shown to all full Members of Magnum. They will evaluate your portfolio, discuss and critique your work and that of other applicants, and decide whether or not to extend an invitation to join by a simple majority vote. Should your application be selected, you will be contacted via telephone or email by one of the Members by the end of June.

What We’re Looking For

Magnum Photos seeks prospective Nominees with solid photographic skills and considerable storytelling ability. Accepted Nominees exhibit a clear and robust visual language, as well as an open-minded and versatile practice. While individuality and independence are, and always have been, defining traits of Magnum photographers, embracing community and collaboration is equally vital, especially in understanding the cooperative nature of Magnum. Familiarity with Magnum’s history and standards is essential, and an awareness of its position on digital manipulation and AI is appreciated.

 Prospective nominees should believe they bring a unique perspective to the agency, whether through geography, narrative, or background. We want new points of view, not replicas. Passion for authentic visual storytelling and a commitment to capturing the world with integrity remain more crucial than ever. Nominees will be expected to uphold strong personal ethics while still challenging conventions and pushing boundaries.

The 2024 public submissions are now open. Click here to find out more and submit your application. 

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