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The Migrant Crisis through the Eyes of Magnum Photographers

Alex Majoli A Syrian refugee woman desperately searching for her two year old child which she lost on the journey to Pireus from Lesbos. While I was photographing the refugees coming into the port, I noticed (...)
Mark Power The wedding dress of a 52-year old bride in the hut she shares with her 57-year old husband. They were married in the camp three days before. First opened in April 2014, Azraq is currently a tempo (...)
Moises Saman Along the Turkish-Syrian border in Hatay Province. Under the cover of night a network of Syrian smugglers transport a family fleeing the violence inside Syria on a rowboat across the Orentes River, (...)
Paolo Pellegrin Due to the long hours of waiting in extreme heat conditions and the general exhaustion, refugees sometimes collapse and faint. In early September 2015, an estimated 15,000 to 20, 000 refugees, rou (...)
Thomas Dworzak Refugees/Migrants mostly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan arriving in and being processed through Austria on their journey through the Balkans to Northern Europe. Refugees arrive on the Austrian side (...)
Olivia Arthur Children from the town of Obock in Djibouti collecting belongings that have been left behind on the 'smugglers beach' just outside the town. Migrants come from Ethiopia and surrounding countries to (...)
Jérôme Sessini Details of migrants' personal belongings and trash caught in the ice. The migrants who live in the "Jungle" of Calais are a mix of refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants from Darfur, Afghan (...)
Larry Towell Debris left along freight train tracks by migrants travelling north to the US border riding in empty boxcars and on roofs. Violent gangs and human traffickers who control the transit have made migr (...)
Chris Steele-Perkins Family of: Sahar Awad from Sudan and her husband from Italy, Stefano Scarpa, Their two daughters are, on the far right, Nuala (12) and on the horse Sofia (4). Middle back is Akram Ibrahim who came (...)