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The Magnum Digest: 30th July 2021

Christopher Anderson photographs Matt Damon, Nanna Heitmann's images of burning forests in the Siberian arctic, Hannah Price photographs Philadelphia for investigative report on gun violence, plus more

Nanna Heitmann Russia. Yakutia. Magaras. July 08, 2021.

A forest fire reached the road between Magaras and Berdigestyakh. © Nanna Heitmann | Magnum Photos

Nanna Heitmann depicts wildfires in Siberia for The New York Times

A piece in The New York Times explores the unusually hot temperatures that have occurred in Siberia as a result of climate change, leading to forest fires in Yakutia, in the northeast of the region. Magnum photographer Nanna Heitmann went on assignment there to photograph firefighters and residents coping with the effects of the environmental change. Read more online here.

Nanna Heitmann Russia. Yakutia. Magaras. June 30, 2021.

Local firefighting volunteers arrive at a newly detected forest fire. © Nanna Heitmann | Magnum Photos

Christopher Anderson photographs Matt Damon for The New York Times

A portrait of Matt Damon by Christopher Anderson appears on the cover of The New York Times Magazine this week. The image accompanies a profile in which the actor reflects on his prolific film career, his upcoming feature directed by Ridley Scott, and subverting the ‘nice-guy’ persona in his roles. Read more and see Anderson’s images here, as well as in the August 1st edition of the print magazine.

Christopher Anderson Cover of The New York Times Magazine, August 1st 2021 © Christopher Anderson | Magnum Photos

Hannah Price photographs Philadelphia for ProPublica

An investigative piece this week on ProPublica exploring the causes of a rise in homocides in the USA uses Philadelphia and the killing of one of its residents, Domonic Billa, as its case study. The article is illustrated by images by the Philadelphia-based Hannah Price, who photographed Billa’s family as well as activists and policymakers in the city. Read the full piece and see Price’s images here.

Hannah Price Haddington Neighbohood. West Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. USA. 7.17.2021 © Hannah Price | Magnum Photos
Hannah Price Nakisha. Mourning Dominic. 7.16.2021. Northeast Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. USA. © Hannah Price | Magnum Photos

The Guardian features Chris Steele-Perkins’ Ireland book

The Troubles is a book by Chris Steele-Perkins, which sees the photographer revisit his images made in Northern Ireland in 1978 to share previously un-published material. The photographer also interviews the original subjects of his photographs and makes portraits of them 40 years later. The Guardian shared a selection of the images, which chronicle the impact of conflict, and the everyday realities of poverty in Belfast and Derry. See more here. Read an extract from the book and see more images here.

Chris Steele-Perkins G.B. Northern Ireland. Belfast. Unemployment benefit queue on Falls Road. 1978. © Chris Steele-Perkins | Magnum Photos

Sergio Larrain profiled in The New York Times

A feature on The New York Times explores the life and career of Magnum photographer Sergio Larrain. The text analyses the themes present in Larrain’s practice, reflecting on the experience of discovering the images of the photographer for the first time. Read the piece here.

Sergio Larrain GB. England. London. Baker Street underground station. 1958-1959. © Sergio Larrain | Magnum Photos

Newsha Tavakolian photographs Iranian cultural campaigner Navid Yousefian

An article in Republik features an interview with Navid Yousefian illustrated by the images of Newsha Tavakolian. Yousefian is a campaigner who was active in a student-led movement backing the reformist Iranian presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi in 2009, and who founded the organization See You in Iran. The interview reflects on changes in the political environment of the country over the last decade, following the election of a conservative candidate this June. Read more in the paper, in German, online here.

Newsha Tavakolian Portrait of Navid Yousefian, the founder of See You In Iran, a cultural house In Tehran. He has decided to close the house becsue of many obstacles. This house is one of his favourite places in Teh (...)

Takie Dela profiles Thomas Dworzak

Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak was recently interviewed by the Russian news platform Takie Dela. Dworzak spoke about working in the Caucasus, making photographic stories over Zoom, and the experience of documenting conflict. Read more on the site, in Russian, here.

Thomas Dworzak Russia. Chechnya. Grozny. July 1996. The shrapnel splattered wall of the exhibition hall. © Thomas Dworzak | Magnum Photos
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