We Have the Power: We Are the Change

Bieke Depoorter This little girl is enjoying the last sun on the Chaguaramas Boardwalk, a wooden walkway for pedestrians with solar-powered lamps that do not effect turtles, birds or fauna and flora. The boardwalk (...)
Thomas Dworzak 'Peace Island', a slum also named '540'. Most of the residents are former soldiers or members of armed groups who during a demilitarization campaign were payed $540 to lay down their weapons. There (...)
Thomas Dworzak Two women ( Marine Weeks/Moussou Juniors) from this village had been sent to India to participate in a solar energy workshop. Upon their return many households received solar panels. The German NGO (...)
Jérôme Sessini Regional bus station. In order to improve the high congestion of traffic, air pollution, and mobility in town, UNEP works on the project 'Bus Rapid Transit', by building a network of clean technolo (...)
Sohrab Hura A newly constructed school building outside Tacloban, made on stilts in case of any future incidents leading to a rise in water levels. Philippines. 2015. (c) Sohrab Hura/Magnum Photos for UNEP © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos