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Creating a Portfolio: Advice from Magnum

Emin Özmen TURKEY, Cappadocia. Goreme. 2017. Local souvenir seller rests during the day on a coach in Cappadocia, which is a located in the central Anatolian plateau within a volcanic landscape sculpted by er (...)
Emin Özmen The Gezi Park resistance that began on May 29th, when protester’s tents were burned by police forces, ended with police using tear gas to disperse the crowd that had gathered in Taksim Square. Ista (...)
Emin Özmen Turkish riot police use tear gas while Syrian Kurds illegally cross the Turkish - Syrian border. Suruc, Turkey. 2014. © Emin Özmen | Magnum Photos
Emin Özmen Office of the Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, in Turkey's Grand National Assembly in Ankara. It was badly damaged during air strikes on the night of the military coup attempt in Ankara, Tu (...)
Emin Özmen A Syrian family has just crossed the border that separates Syria from Turkey. A truck takes them to a refugee camp. Suruc, Turkey. September 2014. © Emin Özmen | Magnum Photos
Jérôme Sessini UKRAINE. Kiev. February 22, 2017. Activists of far right groups and their supporters take part in the so-called March of Dignity, marking the third anniversary of the 2014 Ukrainian pro-European U (...)
Bieke Depoorter EGYPT. 2013. (Translation of the written text below) - You can stay with me no problem, a day, a week, a month. But taking pictures: no. - Sometimes all the borders · customs, traditions, doctr (...)
Jérôme Sessini Orphans at Pilgrim Republic rehab center for children. Located on the Azov Sea, some 100 kilometers from the rebel-held provincial capital Donetsk, Mariupol is seen as a key element of a potential (...)
Jérôme Sessini FSA fights Bachar Al Assad troops in Al Arkub front line. Aleppo, Syria. October 19, 2012. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos
Jérôme Sessini For protection against snipers, FSA fighters tended sheets on a street in Sala Al Din. South of Aleppo, Syria. February 10, 2013. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos
Jérôme Sessini In Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city along the US border of 1,5 million souls, you'll have more chances of being killed then in Baghdad. For the sole year 2009, there were 2,657 "executions" counted . (...)
Jérôme Sessini UKRAINE. Kiev. An Orthodox priest blesses the protesters on a barricade. February 20, 2014. Unidentified snipers opened fire on unarmed protesters as they were advancing on Instituska street. Accor (...)
Jérôme Sessini CUBA. La Havana. January 6, 2008.

Downtown Havana. Rationing store. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos
Jérôme Sessini A night view of barrio bajo west Juarez. Organized crime is recruiting many people among the youth in poor neighborhoods of the city. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. November 30, 2009. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos