Israel: A Photobiography

Micha Bar Am ISRAEL. A Border Guard armed car evacuates workers from the disputed territories in the Upper Galilee on the northern border of Israel. The machine-gun fire came from Tel-Azaziat outpost, which was (...)
Micha Bar Am ISRAEL.1958. Kfar Saba, Ma'Abara (immigration camp). Sara'le, a soldier teacher, born in the Kibbutz of Shefayim. During the 1950's women soldiers fulfilled functions in the absorption of immigra (...)
Micha Bar Am Jerusalem. 1960. A briefing before setting out for a night ambush against infiltrators at the Border Guard base at the Bar Giora Police Station in the Jerusalem Hills. During this period, the Borde (...)
Micha Bar Am | Israel: A Photobiography A demonstration by ultra-orthodox Jews against autopsies. Jerusalem, Israel. © Micha Bar Am | Magnum Photos
Micha Bar Am The Peqi'in village in the Galilee, which has a mixed population of Druzes, Christian Arabs and a small percentage of Muslims, and one Jewish family. This is the wedding of a member of the Sebag fa (...)
Micha Bar Am Jerusalem 6th june 1967.On the second day of the war, an army convoy was rolling slowly through the city on its way north and east.After a night of artillery fire from the Jordanians, few Jerusalem (...)
Micha Bar Am | Israel: A Photobiography After a shooting incident in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces surrounded and detained Palestinian inhabitants in search of suspects and arms. Gaza Strip 1969. © Micha Bar Am | Magnum Photos
Micha Bar Am ISRAEL. Oct. 1973. Israeli forces on their way to the BUDAPEST stronghold, a code name for the northernmost stronghold on the Bar Lev line. It was only one of the strongholds along the Suez Canal t (...)
Micha Bar Am | Israel: A Photobiography Israeli soldiers making a house to house search to find suspects. Gaza Strip. 1969. © Micha Bar Am | Magnum Photos
Micha Bar Am 'Leftist' activists demonstrate opposite the Defence Ministry building in Tel Aviv to protest against the paving of patrol roads through refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, which led to the evacuation (...)
Micha Bar Am | Israel: A Photobiography The women's army Training Base no. 12 at Tzrifin, the central base of the Israeli Women's Corps, a former British Army Camp during World War II. Occasionally fashion and beauty treatment shows are (...)
Micha Bar Am Rabbi Moshe LEVINGER, one of the leaders of the "Gush Emunim" movement and one of the first settlers in Hebron, at a protest meeting against the desecration of sacred books in the TOMB OF THE PATRI (...)
Micha Bar Am A peace dove being carried to the site where the Israeli- Egyptian peace agreements are to be signed. Ismailia.1977. © Micha Bar Am | Magnum Photos
Micha Bar Am ISRAEL. 1991. Tel Aviv during Gulf War.

Israeli family portrait, preparations against possible gas attack during the Gulf War, Ramat Gan. © Micha Bar Am | Magnum Photos
Micha Bar Am Prime Minister Menachem BEGIN during an improvised press conference at the entrance to the Prime Minister's office. August 1977. © Micha Bar Am | Magnum Photos
Micha Bar Am The Israeli flag flies over the settlement at Shilo, Samaria.1978. This religious settlement was established near the site of the biblical city of the same name, which became a center for worship (...)
Micha Bar Am | Israel: A Photobiography Israeli flags and washing, hang on the settlement lines. Ofra which was founded in 1975 is a religious community - hence the crocheted skullcaps along with the flags, underwear, and socks on a lau (...)
Micha Bar Am Jerusalem, Western Wall (Wailing Wall).1989. After the SIX DAY WAR a partition was put up in the plaza in front of the Wall to make a separation between the male and female worshippers. Women who (...)