Theory & Practice

Erich Hartmann at 100

The barbed wire fencing at the Majdanek concentration camp. Lublin, Poland, 1994.
Roll-call square with gallows at Natzweiler concentration camp, near Le Struthof. France, 1994.
Cross-polarization of cellophane, USA, 1968.
Shapes of Sound, an IBM voice recognition study, New York City, 1960.
People waiting on train station platform, Chambery, France, 1979.
Empire State Building, New York City, 1949.
Self portrait with laser light. New York City, 1977. All images © Erich Hartmann/Magnum Photos.
Mannequin factory, Long Island City, USA, 1969.
Immigrants' house. Bread and table. Carmel Vic, Israel, 1958.
The Safe Deposit Box Department in the basement of the head office of the Schweizerische Bankgesellsch (SBG), Zurich, Switzerland, 1985.
Senator Joseph McCarthy is sworn in at the Army-McCarthy hearings. Washington, DC, 1954.
Lobsterman, Maine, USA, 1953 © Erich Hartmann/Magnum Photos.
A bombed out street, Cologne, Germany, 1945.
US soldiers heading home on a transport train, France, 1945.
Floured hands kneading bread. Centralia, Kansas, USA, 1956.
CARIBBEAN. Pair of shoes on deck. 1984. Pair of shoes on deck, Caribbean, 1984.
USA. New York City. 1979. Shadows meeting on stairway. Shadows meeting on stairway. New York City, 1979.
Cornfield with Chartres Cathedral on horizon. Chartres, France, 1962.
USA. Owego, New York. 1960. Man in office with shadow of passing woman.