America in Crisis: Revisited

Charles Harbutt The Picture Bandit Apparatus. Imagined and hand-crafted by Charles Harbutt for the Magnum group exhibition America in Crisis at the Riverside Museum (1969-1970), New York. Visitors pulled the crank (...)
Danny Lyon Police pose for a photograph as ministers from the National Council of Churches march to a local church. Clarksdale. Mississippi. USA. 1963. © Danny Lyon | Magnum Photos
Philip Jones Griffiths Scared looking marines crouch at a wall during Tet offensive. The battle for Saigon. Vietnam. 1968 © Philip Jones Griffiths | Magnum Photos
Bruce Davidson National Guard soldiers escort Freedom Riders along their ride from Montgomery to Jackson, Mississippi. Montgomery, Alabama. USA. 1961. © Bruce Davidson | Magnum Photos
Bruce Davidson Young man with "Vote" painted on his forehead walking in the Selma March. Alabama. USA. 1965. © Bruce Davidson | Magnum Photos
Burt Glinn Street scene the morning after the assassination of Martin Luther King, leader of the civil rights movement. Washington D.C. USA. 1968. © Burt Glinn | Magnum Photos
Philip Jones Griffiths The Saigon fire department had the job of collecting the dead from the streets during the Tet offensive. They had just placed this young girl, killed by U.S. helicopter fire, in the back of their (...)
Cornell Capa © International Center of Photography Hubert H. Humphrey and his wife, Murial, on his campaign plane during his successful bid for the vice-presidency under Lyndon B. Johnson. USA. 1964. © Cornell Capa © International Center of Photography | Magnum Photos
Cornell Capa © International Center of Photography Robert F. Kennedy campaigning for the Senate. Elmira, New York. USA. 1964. © Cornell Capa © International Center of Photography | Magnum Photos
Constantine Manos Aunt (who'd adopted the soldier) at the funeral of her nephew killed in Vietnam. South Carolina. USA. 1966. © Constantine Manos | Magnum Photos
Eli Reed George Floyd's family arrives to the Funeral service. On May 25th, Floyd died in police custody after an arresting Minneapolis officer knelt on his neck for 8 minutes. Houston, Texas. USA. June 8, (...)
Bruce Gilden Trump supporter in the stands at the Trump Rally in Charlotte. Charlotte, North Carolina. USA. 2020. © Bruce Gilden | Magnum Photos
Peter van Agtmael The scene at Cup Foods, the site of the killing of George Floyd by Police. As the days went on, the site was one of mourning and anger, but also turned into an ongoing block party. Here, former so (...)
Elliott Erwitt Jacqueline Kennedy at John F. Kennedy's funeral. Arlington, Virginia. USA. November 25, 1963. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos