Made in Belgium

Harry Gruyaert | Made in Belgium 'Palais des Beaux Art' Museum, Magritte painting. Brussels, Belgium. 1981. © Harry Gruyaert | Magnum Photos
Harry Gruyaert | Made in Belgium 'Bal du Rat mort', carnival at the casino. Annual event, on the beginning of the month of March. In aid of charity, this fancy dress ball is one of the most important and prestigious of Europe. Ost (...)
Harry Gruyaert BELGIUM. Flanders region. Town of Ypres. 1988.

Cats festival. Since the 10th century, on the second Sunday of the month of May, people celebrate cats to be fortunate for the rest of the year. © Harry Gruyaert | Magnum Photos
BELGIUM. Forest of La Cambre, near Brussels. Laid out as a park in 1862 as the style of the English gardens of the 18th century. 1981. © | Magnum Photos