States of the Union: 2008 – 2016

Carolyn Drake Birmingham, Alabama. 2014. The view through the bus window on the first leg of Elnora Shearer's bus ride to work. 70 year old Elnora works as a domestic help in the affluent Mountain Brook neighbor (...)
Peter van Agtmael Aurora, Illinois. 2015. The Al Hajali family at a new suburban development down the road from their home. From L to R: Ahmad, Mahmud, Azizeh, Mohamed, Sham. The Al Hajali's are part of the small w (...)
Larry Towell Crow Indian Reservation, Montana. August, 2012. Local dancers. The Crow Indian Reservation (Tipi Capital of the World) boasts 1500 tipis during its annual powwow where residents erect and move into (...)
Peter van Agtmael Concord, New Hampshire. 2016. Attendee at a Jeb Bush town hall at the Abbot-Downing school before the New Hampshire primary. Donald Trump ultimately won the Republican primary and Bernie Sanders wo (...)
Peter van Agtmael Idabel, Oklahoma. 2014. Thomas Blakely, half Choctaw and half African American. He lives with his mom and stepfather in the poor, rural town of Idabel. He is prone to temper issues, getting into (...)
Peter van Agtmael Manderson, South Dakota. 2014. Officer Becki Sotherland helps up an old woman passed out in front of a store. She was taken to the 'Drunk Tank' for eight hours and released. Pine Ridge Reservation (...)
Peter van Agtmael South Carolina. 2011. A suicide bombing training exercise. Fort Irwin is one of the largest training centers for soldiers deploying to Afghanistan (and previously Iraq). Mock villages and elabora (...)
Peter van Agtmael Wakefield, Virginia. 2009. Political signs line the road to the annual Shad Planking, a political event in Southern Virginia that kicks off the Gubernatorial race. Rival candidates vie to place the (...)