A Year in Ukraine

The remains and the corpses of the passengers of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which crashed down over eastern Ukraine. Torez, July 17, 2014 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
After the Russian withdrawal. Bucha, April 2022 © Larry Towell/Magnum Photos.
A trident, the coat of arms of Ukraine, drawn on the wall of a residential parking lot that was turned into a temporary bomb shelter. Lviv, April 9, 2022 © Rafał Milach/Magnum Photos.
Residential buildings in the city center destroyed by fighting and Russian missile fire. Borodyanka, April 9, 2022 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
Destruction near the Kharkiv Regional Palace. March 16, 2022 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
Immigrants detention center in former Kybartai Prison, Lithuania, May 23, 2022 © Jim Goldberg/Magnum Photos.
A residential building in Pozniaky bombed by the Russians in the first days of war, and now, a few months later, renovated. Kyiv, January 16, 2023 © Rafał Milach/Magnum Photos.
UKRAINE. Bucha area. April 2022. Destroyed Russian tanks on the road to Bucha.
Burned out civilian car. Highway E 40, Kyiv region, April 7, 2022 © Larry Towell/Magnum Photos.
Watch tower used in prisons and gulags, exhibited in Grutas Park, an outdoor exhibition of dismantled Soviet monuments. Grutas, Lithuania, May 24, 2022 © Jim Goldberg/Magnum Photos.
Military exercises. Near Kazlu Ruda, Lithuania, May 28, 2022 © Jim Goldberg/Magnum Photos.
A bomb shelter in the underground swimming pool of the Lviv Regional Children's Specialized Hospital. Lviv, March 13, 2022 © Rafał Milach/Magnum Photos.
Funeral for three Ukrainian soldiers. Lychakiv Cemetery. Lviv, March 31, 2022 © Larry Towell/Magnum Photos.
A woman evacuating from Irpin, March 7, 2022 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
Destruction of the Saur Moglia memorial after intense fights between Ukrainian army and pro-Russian forces. November 26, 2014 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
A woman inspects the damage to her apartment. Uglegorsk, August 13, 2014 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
This is the first time since March 15 that residents can return to their homes, some to collect personal belongings. Kyiv, March 21, 2022 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
The Barabashova Kharkiv market, is the biggest market in Ukraine. It has gone up in flames after being shelled by the Russian artillery. Kharkiv, March 17, 2022 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
Funeral of a Ukrainian soldier killed in combat. Yahotyn, April 6, 2022 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.
Trench warfare. Ukrainian soldiers at second line of defense near front line. Kyiv region, April 1, 2022 © Larry Towell/Magnum Photos.
A bomb shelter in the basement of an orphanage. Lviv, March 12, 2022 © Rafał Milach/Magnum Photos.
As the fighting rages on, civilians escape from Irpin under Russian army mortar shelling. At least three civilians were killed during the evacuation. March 6, 2022 © Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos.