Olay, the Debut Photobook by Emin Özmen

The minaret of a sunken mosque emerging from the reservoir of the Birecik dam, after flooding caused by the numerous hydroelectric power plant projects of successive governments under the GAP (Sout (...)
A fire burns near a gas station in the city of Hasankeyf, abandoned due to the Ilisu dam project. Turkey, 2020.
A house half-destroyed by a rocket during clashes between the PKK and the Turkish special military forces. Nusaybin, Turkey, December 2015.
Exhausted refugees who have failed to cross the sea to the Greek Island of Kos, turning back to Bodrum city center by bus. Turkey, July 2015.
People gather and stand for their rights, moments before riot police fire tear gas and rubber bullets and detain dozens of people, at a march in support of LGBT+ rights. Istanbul, Turkey, June 2021.
Riot police use tear gas as Kurdish men cross the Turkish–Syrian border in Suruç. September 2014.
Protests in Gezi Park. Istanbul, Turkey, May 2013.
A fourteen-year-old who fled with his family from Syria stands near their horse in the backyard of their house in Istasyon. Mardin, Turkey, September 2020.
A mother hugs her son at a bus station before he leaves for his compulsory military service. Kayseri, Turkey, July 2019.
An injured woman is carried as riot police fire tear gas and rubber bullets during a march in support of LGBT+ rights. Istanbul, Turkey, June 2021.
A truck takes a Syrian family displaced by fighting between Islamic State and Kurdish forces in Kobani to a refugee camp. Suruc, Turkey, September 2014.
The parents of Kader, aged thirteen, stand over her as she struggles with kidney pain in the Cefhane camp near Sirnak after fleeing fighting between the PKK and Turkish special forces in their home (...)
A couple walks through tear gas during Gezi uprising, Istanbul, June 2013.
People gather for the funeral of the victims of two bombings which killed 102 people at peace rally in Ankara. Istanbul, Turkey, October 2015.
People wait for their families near Turkish–Syrian border as they flee the fighting in Kobani. Suruc, Turkey, September 2014.
A man tries to protect himself from tear gas fired by Greek police to repel refugees seeking to force their way across the border from Turkey. Edirne, 2020.
Syrian children play in the Istasyon neighbourhood of Mardin. Turkey, October 2020.
Animals in a village abandoned as a result of the Ilisu government dam project. Siirt, Turkey, September 2019.
Children climb a platform adorned with flags during Newroz, a celebration of the arrival of spring and the new year in Kurdish culture. Diyarbakir, Turkey, March 2016.
A man rests during the March for Justice. Sakarya, Turkey, July 2017.
Cover image of Özmen's debut photobook, "Olay". Nusaybin, Turkey, 2015. All images © Emin Özmen / Magnum Photos
A wildfire rages in a village near the airport. Dalaman, Turkey, August 2021.