Diary of a Pandemic: April 11, 2020

Sohrab Hura I live in a one room apartment on the terrace atop a residential building. Such rooftop apartments are called Barsati (derived from the word Barsat which means rain) It's a very Delhi thing, this w (...)
Alec Soth In Minnesota the winters are hard. This year the giddiness of anticipation for approaching spring has been replaced with dread of the coming viral surge. But I haven't had a desire to take "serious (...)
Martin Parr During the coronavirus outbreak. Practicing social distancing. Bristol. England. GB. 2020. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
Patrick Zachmann Coronavirus crisis. Some volonteers of NGO Secours Populaire in the 18th district are distributing food to poor poeple around and in the North suburbs. Here in St Denis. Confined neighbours watchi (...)
Carolyn Drake The sun came out one day and my partner and I packed up the camera gear and rode our bikes around to say hi to some friends in the neighborhood, trying to follow the 6 foot distance rule. Vallejo, (...)
Lindokuhle Sobekwa Nature is a complicated term when it comes to Johannesburg, because there are not that many plantations in the township compared to the suburbs and that has to do with the small spaces people in th (...)
Cristina de Middel Cuddling. Affection these days needs to re-invent herself. The language of affection is being dismantled and replaced by emojis and GIFs that we can safely send online. Salvador. Brazil. March 29, (...)
Gregory Halpern Gregory Halpern documents his children during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Rochester, New York. USA. March 27, 2020. © Gregory Halpern | Magnum Photos
Bieke Depoorter Henk, who I crossed paths with last Sunday, while on my daily walk in my neighborhood.This moment struck me, the image I saw through the telescope made me quiet. The comfort of the cosmos. I have b (...)
Jérôme Sessini La Criquette. Raon l’Etape. Hometown. Vosges. France. March 27, 2020. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos
Nanna Heitmann Moscow is under complete lock-down. People are only allowed to walk to the supermarket or pharmacy and back. Many parks already closed some days before the quarantine started so people would't gath (...)
Emin Özmen I was walking near the Bosphorus, thinking that I've never felt that lonely in this city before, which is home for 16 million people. The crowd that I was complaining about was not here anymore; st (...)
Olivia Arthur Photographs of Mother's day flowers taken around 10 am every day between March 23,2020 and April 6, 2020. © Olivia Arthur | Magnum Photos