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Square Print Sale Stories: The One It Came All This Way For

Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China, 2007. © Patrick Zachmann / Magnum Photos
Devil Goggles. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 1956. W. Eugene Smith © The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith / Magnum Photos
Carnival of Cologne. Germany, February 4, 2016. © Jérôme Sessini / Magnum Photos
I dreamed of flying. Mexico, 2017. © Cristina García Rodero / Magnum Photos
Turkey, 1955. © Marc Riboud / Fonds Marc Riboud au MNAAG / Magnum Photos
At Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 2000. © Raghu Rai / Magnum Photos
Hotel in Akasaka area. Tokyo, Japan, 1996. © Gueorgui Pinkhassov / Magnum Photos
Water Droplets Like Stars. Intervened photography. Guerrero, Mexico, 2020. © Yael Martínez / Magnum Photos
Fog on the River Thames. London, England, 1954. © Inge Morath / Magnum Photos
Mila, a cat taken by Eva, 14, from Kramatorsk, at the temporary refugee shelter for Ukrainians in the city hall office building. Warsaw, Poland, March 27, 2022. © Rafał Milach / Magnum Photos
Wall running is part of the training regimen of young practitioners learning martial arts at a training institute in China. Shaolin Academy, Henan Province, China, 2004. © Steve McCurry / Magnum Ph (...)
Hasakah region, Syria, 2023. © William Keo / Magnum Photos
Luxembourg gardens. A leg disappears... Paris, 6th arrondissement, France, 2000. © Richard Kalvar / Magnum Photos
World heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali trains on the speedball. Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1966. © Thomas Hoepker / Magnum Photos
The incongruities of daily life in the urban war zone. For years, the people of Northern Ireland lived in a strange and strained symbiosis with the occupying British army. Northern Ireland, 1973. © (...)
Moskva Hotel lavatory. Moscow, Russia, 1989. © Harry Gruyaert / Magnum Photos
On the road between Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, fences delineate the private plots on the collective farm, “Lenin's Way.” The woman is carrying a container of beet russel. The touch of red stands out (...)
Waves. Le Havre, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France, 1984. © Jean Gaumy / Magnum Photos
Snowballing priest. St. Peter’s Square, Rome, Italy, 1958. © Leonard Freed / Magnum Photos
Turkey farm. Macedonia, North Greece, 1988. © Nikos Economopoulos / Magnum Photos
Celebration of 100 years of National Unity. World War One nurses and soldiers at a reenactment. Iași, Romania, 2018. © Thomas Dworzak / Magnum Photos
Thailand, 1987. © Raymond Depardon / Magnum Photos
From the project I Am About to Call It a Day, where Bieke Depoorter tried to find a new place to stay at people's homes every night. USA, 2012. © Bieke Depoorter / Magnum Photos
Near Essaouira, Morocco, 1990. © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos
Paris, France, January 31, 2023. © Peter van Agtmael / Magnum Photos
From the book Mala Noche. Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1997. © Antoine d’Agata / Magnum Photos