The Time of Trees

Stuart Franklin Julia "Butterfly" Hill in a 200 foot ancient redwood tree named "Luna". She has lived in the sequoia "Luna" for the past year to protect it from deforestation. California, USA. 1998. © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos
Stuart Franklin "The mentality is all quality . . . This is the best [olive oil] in the world, but it is not valued," says Guiseppe Patimo on his farm near Bisceglie, Puglia where olives have been hand-picked for (...)
Stuart Franklin Indonesia. Bali. 1999. Near Ubud, hand shaped furniture and a giant elephant ten meters tall are carved from the tropical "sau" tree (Paraserianthes alcataria). © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos
Stuart Franklin Poland is the last country in Central Europe where a relatively large wolf population still exists. In the early 70's there were less than 100. Now about 800 exist in Bialowieza. Bialowieza, Poland (...)