Theory & Practice

On Protest Photography

Marc Riboud A young American girl, Jan Rose Kasmir, confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 anti-Vietnam march. This march helped to turn public opinion against the US war in (...)
Micha Bar Am After the Six Day War a partition was put up in the plaza in front of the Western Wall to make a separation between the male and female worshippers. Women who protested and attempted to pray with T (...)
Jérôme Sessini An Orthodox priest blesses the protesters on a barricade. Unidentified snipers opened fire on unarmed protesters as they were advancing on Instituska street. According to an official source, 70 pro (...)
Ian Berry Villagers flee the centre of the village where the police have opened fire on them, trying to protect themselves from the bullets by putting their coats over their heads. Transvaal, Sharpeville, So (...)