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Philip Jones Griffiths The battle for Saigon. U.S. policy in Vietnam was based on the premise that peasants driven into the towns and cities by the carpet-bombing of the countryside would be safe. Furthermore, removed f (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths Prisoners of war were afforded very different treatment by each side. Americans were treated reasonably (the ranting of the MIA movement in America aside), whereas captured Vietcong were tortured, (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths The battle for Saigon. Refugees under fire. Confused urban warfare was such that Americans were shooting their staunchest supporters. Vietnam. 1968. © Philip Jones Griffiths | Magnum Photos
Philip Jones Griffiths This boy was killed by U.S. helicopter gunfire while on his way to church - a Catholic church - whose members were avid supporters of the government, who were in turn pro-American. The result was (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths Called a "little tiger" for killing two "Vietcong women cadre" - his mother and teacher, it was rumored. Vietnam. 1968. © Philip Jones Griffiths | Magnum Photos
Philip Jones Griffiths This was a village a few miles from My Lai. It was a routine operation - troops were on a typical " search and destroy" mission. After finding and killing men in hiding, the women and children wer (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths The Saigon fire department had the job of collecting the dead from the streets during the Tet offensive. They had just placed this young girl, killed by U.S. helicopter fire, in the back of their (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths Human skulls were a favorite souvenir among the soldiers and their officers. The commander of this unit, Colonel (now Brigadier General) George S. Patton III, carried around a skull at his farewell (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths This amphibious assault was to establish a beachhead for a barbecue. Vast quantities of meat and beer were consumed while local Vietnamese looked on. Such activities were prompted to engender moral (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths Mother with wounded child, Vietnam. The american policy of annihilating as many Vietnamese as possible while claiming to be saving them from the 'horrors' of Communism could be confirmed by visitin (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths This woman was tagged, probably by a sympathetic corpsman, with the designation VNC (Vietnamese civilian). This was unusual. Wounded civilians were normally tagged VCS (Vietcong suspect) and all (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths CAMBODIA. This woman was the soul survivor of a communications squad caught in the open. Wounded in the spine, she was forced to crouch all day with her hands tied behind her back before being take (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths The battle for Saigon. American G.I's often showed compassion toward the Vietcong. This sprang from a soldierly admiration for their dedication and bravery; qualities difficult to discern in the av (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths Vietnamese youth being arrested by soldier of the US 9th. Vietnam. 1968. © Philip Jones Griffiths | Magnum Photos
Philip Jones Griffiths South Vietnam. Quin Hon. U.S. Soldiers with a group of captured Vietcong suspects. Vietnam. 1967. © Philip Jones Griffiths | Magnum Photos