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A Photo Editor’s Duty: An Interview with National Geographic’s Photography Director

Larry Towell USA. North Dakota. February 22, 2017. Oceti Sakowin Camp the day the inhabitants were told to evacuate. © Larry Towell | Magnum Photos
Thomas Dworzak Security, hostile environment training for French diplomats. Paris region, France. 2016/06. © Thomas Dworzak | Magnum Photos
Peter van Agtmael A Second Line Parade. Louisiana, New Orleans, USA. 2012.  © Peter van Agtmael | Magnum Photos
Paolo Pellegrin People flee ISIS controlled areas carrying with them their possessions and in the case of farmers their sheep. Over the summer, in an effort to prevent coalition airstrikes, ISIS fighters set ali (...)
Paolo Pellegrin France. Meaux. 25 Novembre 2016. Penitentiary center of Meaux. Exercise hour. © Paolo Pellegrin | Magnum Photos
Michael Christopher Brown On the beach of Lake Kivu, next to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Gisenyi, Rwanda. May 2016. © Michael Christopher Brown | Magnum Photos