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Magnum Nominee Sim Chi Yin Waited Years to be Able to Commit to Photography

Sim Chi Yin From "One Day We Will Understand". Belum-Temenggor rainforest by night. Locals used to say they would either meet Communists or elephants in the forest. Now, only elephants remain. From "One Day We (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Fallout", 2017. Left: Hatches over silos which in the 1970s held missiles meant to shoot down incoming Soviet warheads, North Dakota, November 2017. / A missile field in rural North Dakota ne (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Fallout", 2017. DIPTYCH/ Left: The pyramid-shaped Missile Site Control Building stands in the middle of the Stanley R Mickelsen SAFEGUARD Complex. This anti-ballistic missile defense sit (...)
From "Fallout", 2017.
Sim Chi Yin From "Fallout", 2017. Left: A border guard in his sentry post on the China-North Korea border, close to a suspected North Korean missile base, October 2017. / As seen from the Chinese side, a guard (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Shifting Sands", 2017 - on-going. Tractors plough through piles of sand which have been deposited by sand barges at the Forest City development — a joint venture between a China developer (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Fallout", 2017. Looking from China into North Korea over Mount Paektu, elevation 2,744 m, an active volcano on the border of the two countries. The mountain and the crater lake formed by a (...)
Sim Chi Yin SINGAPORE. Tuas. 2017. From "Shifting Sands", 2017 - on-going. Land reclamation works are on-going at this area of Tuas, Singapore's westernmost area where a new massive container port -- the w (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Shifting Sands". Mounds of sand and earth with electric pylons in them are left after much building material was dug up and moved from this patch in the Lanzhou New Area in Gansu, western (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Dying To Breathe", 2011-2015. After a week of refusing for his wife Mi Shixiu to come see him in hospital, Mr He finally relented and she arrives. He had been practising blowing balloons o (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Dying To Breathe", 2011-2015. Mi Shixiu cradles He Quangui's head as he's struggling to breathe. He eventually recovers his breath. But in the wee hours of the next morning, he tried to kil (...)
Sim Chi Yin SINGAPORE. 2017. From "Shifting Sands", 2017- on-going. A mound of sand protected by a fence on a construction site along the coast in Singapore. Sand is a precious commodity which the Singapore (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "The Rat Tribe", 2010 -2015. Big Rain, 21, a KTV lounge worker, is seen in his basement room beneath Beijing’s north Third Ring Road, Beijing. Originally from Heilongjiang in China’s northe (...)
Sim Chi Yin Ever since former gold miner He Quangui, 41, became ill 10 years ago, his wife Mi Shixiu, 36, has had to take care of his every need and the family. When he is too sickly to walk, she carries him, (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Shifting Sands", 2017- on-going. A family takes a walk and goes fishing in an area in southern Malaysia now covered with giant sand dunes. The Danga Bay area is earmarked for a massive resi (...)