Magnum Digest

Theatre of War, A Photo Essay by Sabiha Çimen

Girls looking through microscopes during a science class at cadet school. Ukraine, 2023.
Aldoshyn's training day with his sniper colleagues, checking the targets. Kyiv, Ukraine, 2023.
Wounded and traumatized patients during their therapy sessions at the Unbroken Rehabilitation Center in Lviv. Ukraine, 2023.
Aldoshyn training with other snipers and in the woods outside Kyiv. Ukraine, 2023.
Shoes scattered on the floor in a destroyed cultural center in Mykolaiv. Ukraine, 2023.
A funeral procession for a Ukrainian soldier in Lviv. Ukraine, 2023.
A destroyed restaurant in Borodyanka. Ukraine, 2023.
Pavlo (35) searching for a water source near his house in the countryside. Kyiv region, Ukraine, 2023.
Valentina Ivanova (85) has worked for 35 years at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in Kyiv. Every morning she comes to the museum garden to bathe in the sun and mediatate before she go (...)
A pile of photographs in an abandoned school in Mykolaiv. Ukraine, 2023.
Comrade of Actor Pavlo Aldoshyn (36) giving him a hair cut, days before the birth of his child. Ukraine, 2023.
Pavlo Aldoshyn training in the woods outside Kyiv. Ukraine, 2023.
Gas mask training at a cadet school in Kyiv. Ukraine, 2023.
Rubber dummy for shooting training. Kyiv region, Ukraine, 2023.
The Lviv State Choreographic School. Ukraine, 2023.
The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral was damaged by a missile attack in the Odesa region. Ukraine, 2023.
A sculpture outside the Odesa Archeological Museum, protected against missile attacks. Odesa, Ukraine, 2023. All images © Sabiha Çimen for Harper's Magazine.