Magnum Photographers Explore Home

Olivia Arthur Olivia Arthur was expecting her second daughter when she was invited to take part in this project. Her series of intimate black and white portraits, a delicate and timeless family album, offers a b (...)
Alex Majoli For Alex Majoli, “home” was a surprisingly difficult theme to explore. Because there have been more than a few places that he called home, and, perhaps more importantly, because he is used to focus (...)
Chien-Chi Chang Chien-Chi Chang returned to New York’s Chinatown, where he lived for many years and still considers home. He photographed the streets, the buildings, and mostly, the people of Chinatown, as a form (...)
Thomas Dworzak Thomas Dworzak’s father walks the fields above the village where his family had a farm until 1946. “Growing up in a small Bavarian town near the Iron Curtain called Cham, as the son of a father who (...)
David Alan Harvey After watching the solar eclipse atop Jockey's Ridge State Park. David Alan Harvey chose to spend time in Northern Carolina, his happy place, where he now lives — close to where he grew up. “I sl (...)
Mark Power Mark Power was invited to take part in this project as his beloved daughter Chilli was leaving their home in Brighton to go study in London. “Any parent who has been through this traumatic event wi (...)
Gueorgui Pinkhassov The photographer's home. “My parents lived here. Our relatives came to visit. And our neighbors. This is a place of my childhood and my youth …This is my home. The crossroads of my memory.” Using l (...)
Moises Saman “I should know where I come from.” For this project, Moises Saman chose to go back to the place he was born but did not know: Peru. The road trip that ensued was as physical as it was emotional. Hi (...)
Antoine d’Agata For Antoine d’Agata, going home was a “journey into the heart of darkness.” Walking from Les-Saintes-Maries to Marseille, he went through a physical and emotional ordeal revisiting his devout child (...)
Trent Parke To Trent Parke, home meant the city he lives in, at a very specific time of day. With this striking series of painting-like photographs, he pays tribute to the Australian painter Jeffrey Smart and (...)
Jonas Bendiksen Jonas Bendiksen chronicled the life of his family in Norway as they were expecting — and later welcoming — their second child. His photographs offer a father’s insight into this turning point in t (...)
Alex Webb For this project, Alex Webb chose to photograph the beaches of his beloved Wellfleet, in Cape Cod, where he spent his summers as a child and as a teenager. His series of beautifully contemplative, (...)
Alessandra Sanguinetti For this project, Alessandra Sanguinetti chose to focus on one of her two homes: Buenos Aires, where she grew up and where her aging parents still live. “The work isn’t a reflection of my childhood (...)
Elliott Erwitt Elliott Erwitt documented both his Manhattan and Long Island homes. His delightful, witty series include still-lives of humor-filled memorabilia; portraits of his grand-children; self-portraits, in (...)
Alec Soth To best portray “home,” Alec Soth took on walking eight miles to work: “This project was a chance to slow down and look at the everyday delights that I normally drive right by.” His series translat (...)
Hiroji Kubota Hiroji Kubota wanted to capture the beauty of his home –Japan. He photographed some of the country’s thousands of islands from above, focusing on symbolic places like the atomic bomb dome of Hirosh (...)