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As it may be

Bieke Depoorter Egypt. Al-Minya. September 2013. (Translation of written text below) - There is a big difference between you and an Egyptian woman. This Egyptian woman is attractive to a man, unlike a foreign wo (...)
Bieke Depoorter Egypt. 2013. (Translation of the written text below) - You can stay with me no problem, a day, a week, a month. But taking pictures? No. - Sometimes all the borders, customs, traditions, doctri (...)
Bieke Depoorter In August 2013 a lot of Christian schools, churches and other Christian buildings were put on fire. Minya, Egypt. 2013. © Bieke Depoorter | Magnum Photos
Bieke Depoorter Writing on wall says, "In the name of God". For my 'In Between' project, I asked random people in Egypt if I could spend a night in their homes. This way I experience transient, but sometimes very (...)
Bieke Depoorter Qorsaya, an island in Cairo, Egypt. 2013. © Bieke Depoorter | Magnum Photos