Mirror Mirror

Gueorgui Pinkhassov Greenland. 2006. © Gueorgui Pinkhassov | Magnum Photos
Herbert List Lake Como. Lombardy, Italy. 1936. © Herbert List | Magnum Photos
Ian Berry EGYPT. Karnak. A view of the whole Karnak temple complex with obelisks and buildings reflected in the sacred lake in the late evening sunshine. 2006. © Ian Berry | Magnum Photos
Bruce Gilden Funeral reflection. Port-au-Prince. 1992. © Bruce Gilden | Magnum Photos
Stuart Franklin Moonlit view of Lake Holsvatnet. Møre og Romsda, Island of Otroya, Norway. 2010. © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos
Peter Marlow Swiftcurrent Lake near Many Glacier. Swiftcurrent USA. Glacier National Park, Montana. © Peter Marlow | Magnum Photos
Alec Soth A self-portrait of Alec Soth in his hotel room at the Park Hyatt Hotel, where Lost in Translation was filmed. Tokyo, Japan. 2015. © Alec Soth | Magnum Photos
Christopher Anderson Door with reflection. New York, USA. 2010. © Christopher Anderson | Magnum Photos
Gueorgui Pinkhassov Stars arriving at the "Palais des Festivals". © Gueorgui Pinkhassov | Magnum Photos
Dennis Stock Futuristic Architecture. California, USA. © DENNIS STOCK/MAGNUM PHOTOS No photographs may be reproduced without prior written agreement from MAGNUM or a MAGNUM representative. These photograp (...)
Patrick Zachmann At Orlando Ruiz Mendes and Myriam Mercado's home. Morroa Municipality. Cambimba Village, Colombia. July 2017. © Patrick Zachmann | Magnum Photos
Bruce Davidson Brooklyn Gang. Kathy fixing her hair in a cigarette machine mirror. Coney Island, New York City, USA. 1959. © Bruce Davidson | Magnum Photos
Danny Lyon Cal. Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. 1966. © Danny Lyon | Magnum Photos
Larry Towell Mennonites. Capulin, Chihuahua, Mexico. 1996. © Larry Towell | Magnum Photos
Thomas Hoepker Moonrise along the Albuquerque-Santa Fe highway. New Mexico, USA. 1990. © Thomas Hoepker | Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold A washroom in the Chicago Airport, US actress Marilyn Monroe waits for a plane to Champaign, Illinois, where she was to attend the centenary celebrations of the town of Bement. Chicago, Illinois, U (...)
Alex Webb Tijuana, Mexico. 1991. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt USA. California. 1955. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold Actress Joan Crawford. Lost Angeles, California, USA. 1959. © Eve Arnold | Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt Las Vegas, Nevada. USA. 1957. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
George Rodger A lioness in Nairobi National Park. Nairobi National Park, Kenya. 1958. © George Rodger | Magnum Photos
Martine Franck Maquillage. Théâtre du Soleil, "Les Clowns". Création en collaboration avec le Théâtre d'Aubervilliers. 1969. © Martine Franck | Magnum Photos
Christopher Anderson Lance Armstrong does a training ride in the hills above West Hollywood, California. A friend joins him on the ride, but must hang on to the car driven by one of Lance's trainers in order to keep up (...)
Sergio Larrain Bar "Los siete Espejos." Valparaíso, Chile. 1963. © Sergio Larrain | Magnum Photos
Richard Kalvar Mirror store. Paris, France. 1971. © Richard Kalvar | Magnum Photos
Herbert List "Neighbors." This photograph was taken from the window of List's flat. Krochmannstrasse, Hamburg, Germany. © Herbert List | Magnum Photos
Henri Cartier-Bresson Svetlana Beriosova, prima ballerina. London, England. Great Britain. © Henri Cartier-Bresson | Magnum Photos