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Somewhere I Belong

Forest Service Road 105 leads to Sunflower Mesa, where a local teen attempted suicide in 2002. All images © Brandon Kapelow.
Firearms on display at a local gun show. In 1994, the Catron county commission voted unanimously to pass a nonbinding resolution stating that every household should possess a firearm and ammunition (...)
After a suicide attempt, Rusty Stewart, 47, a pastor at the First Baptist Church of Quemado, was placed under observation at a hospital and told that “people who commit suicide go straight to hell. (...)
Following a suicide attempt, Paco’s neighbors sought help from the church to remove his access to lethal means. With the aid of pastor Craig Lang, Paco agreed to surrender the ammunition for his fi (...)
Hunter Gossett, 19, worked at J&Y Auto with his friend Thane Morgan, a high school student who died by suicide in November 2021. As a survivor of multiple attempts, Gossett is too familiar with the (...)
The town of Glenwood is referred to by locals as ‘Heaven’s Waiting Room’, as more than 65% of the town’s population are over the age of 65. Seniors account for some of the highest risk groups for s (...)
In the absence of formal behavioral-health resources, churches like the Fence Lake Community Church help people cope with suicidal ideation or grief. “A major part of my ministry—I call it group th (...)
Naomi Lang, 13, with her horse Duchess. Naomi’s father Craig was the closest EMT to the scene when Naomi was accidentally run over by a truck, requiring him to perform life-saving duties on his own (...)
Vicki Shriver, 64, the Reserve district EMS medical chief, and her husband Mike Shriver, 70, a pastor and retired state policeman, have both witnessed the shortcomings in their community’s response (...)
Barbara Ohse, 81, a regular at the Glenwood Senior Center, lost her eldest brother to suicide. She is the last alive of her five siblings. The senior center is one of the few dedicated spaces for s (...)