Theory & Practice

It’s Okay to be Quiet

Snow Storm, Greenland, 2000. All images © Jacob Aue Sobol/Magnum Photos.
A seal has been slaughtered by the beach and the guts thrown into the water. Tiniteqilaaq, 2000.
A student is walking home from school in a piteraq. The Piteraq is a violent snow storm which is created on the ice that covers 90% of Greenland. It accelerates and reaches the settlements by the c (...)
There is ice on the inside of the window but Sabine and I have lit a row of candles on the windowsill to melt the ice and keep us warm. Sabine has started to cram her socks and underwear into the c (...)
Sabine has left a post card, two pieces of chocolate and her rings on the floor and gone to sleep. Tiniteqilaaq, Greenland, 2001.
My wife and my daughter, Lolland, Denmark,

February 25, 2020 © Jacob Aue Sobol/Magnum Photos.