Feldpost: A Global Vision of the Great War

Thomas Dworzak Veteran's Day Parade. WW1. The First World War presented African Americans, subjected to segregation laws and racist violence, with a dilemma: whether or not to serve in the US armed forces. Seen a (...)
Thomas Dworzak Museum of the battle of Paschendaele. Most shells and amunition in WW1 were painted in bright colours. Around 1.5 billion shells were fired on the Western Front, with innovations such as timed and (...)
Thomas Dworzak In February 1918, hearing that the Tsar had been deposed in the Russian revolution, sailors with the Austro-Hungarian fleet based in Kotor, or Cattaro, mutinied, first calling for better conditions (...)
Thomas Dworzak Qajar Shah dressed in German uniform, exhibition of Qajar photographs, Tehran. Persia was supposedly neutral during the First World War but its strategic location between Russia, the Ottoman Empire (...)
Thomas Dworzak Mosque, Broken Hill. A train of 40 ore wagons left Broken Hill on 1 January 1915 carrying 1,200 of the townspeople out to the annual New Year's Day picnic in the nearby countryside. Lying in wait w (...)
Thomas Dworzak Bismarck Sea. The northeastern part of present-day Papua New Guinea became a German colony in 1885, the main island being renamed Kaiser Wilhelmsland and the nearby islands the Bismarck Archipelago (...)
Thomas Dworzak "Flames and Light" WW1 spectacle. By attacking the fortified French city of Verdun, situated on the Meuse River and for centuries a defensive outpost against France's northern enemies, the German c (...)
Thomas Dworzak Memorial to the Australian Light Horse. After two unsuccessful attacks on Gaza, General Edmund Allenby attempted to break the Turkish defences in Palestine with an attack on the town of Beersheba t (...)