RIP Jimmy Fox, Magnum’s ‘eye’

President John F. Kennedy visiting the North Atlantic Treaty Headquarters, seen here talking with the American Ambassador permanent representative to the NATO Council on the left. In the center is (...)
Fox and US photographer Cornell Capa, who hired Fox to run the NYC office library. Paris, 1987. Image courtesy of J.A. Fox Collection.
Fox uses the old telex and the newly arrived computer to reach photographers, agents and magazines around the world. Paris, 1986. Image courtesy of J.A. Fox Collection.
James A Fox working through the early hours editing color material that had arrived late on Sunday evening. A colleague working with him that night wrote of him: "The eye of the lynx and the crafti (...)
Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado with Fox in the Magnum Paris office, 1980. Image © Raymond Depardon/Magnum Photos.
Fox filmed for a French-German documentary, ‘The Eye of Magnum’ about his career at the agency. The packing crates are full of frames and books for the ‘Magnum°’ exhibition, which was being inaugur (...)
Fox explaining his way of isolating his vision to better observe a print. Magnum Photos office, 1980s. Photo courtesy Bruno Le Hir de Fallois/J.A. Fox Collection.
Prior to joining Magnum Photos, Fox started his photographic career in 1958 at the NATO headquarters in Paris. He is seen here at a NATO Defense Ministers meeting in Amsterdam in 1963, displaying o (...)