Magnum Digest

The Magnum Digest: March 1, 2019

A. Abbas A mullah, sitting in a luxury car, exhibits his weapon on the day of the victory of the Revolution. Tehran, Iran. February 11, 1979. © A. Abbas | Magnum Photos
Philippe Halsman American actress Grace Kelly and American photographer Philippe Halsman. © Philippe Halsman | Magnum Photos
Martin Parr The Leaning Tower of Pisa. From 'Small World'. Pisa. Italy. 1990. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
Thomas Hoepker A treasure hunter into a diamond mine. Icabarú. Venezuela. 1965. © Thomas Hoepker | Magnum Photos
Alessandra Sanguinetti Ophelias. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2001. © Alessandra Sanguinetti | Magnum Photos
Wayne Miller Sailors assigned to work as laborers at the US Naval Supply Depot on Guam. Guam. 1945. © Wayne Miller | Magnum Photos
Lorenzo Meloni A SDF fighter getting ready to go on the frontline. Al-Baghuz Fawqani. Syria. February 2019. © Lorenzo Meloni | Magnum Photos
Alex Majoli Scene #2233. Rice Farmer. Tulas Village. India. 2015. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos
Martin Parr Stone Cross Parade. West Bromwich, The Black Country. England. GB. St George's Day. 2017. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
Martin Parr Tenby. Wales. GB. 2018. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos