Magnum Digest

The Magnum Digest: January 24, 2020

David Seymour The battle against illiteracy. Peasant during a writing class. Town of Rogiano Gravina. Calabria. Italy. 1950. © David Seymour | Magnum Photos
Ferdinando Scianna Fashion show. Paris. France. 1989. © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos
Chien-Chi Chang Immigrants sleeping on a fire escape to avoid summer heat. New York City. USA. 1998. © Chien-Chi Chang | Magnum Photos
Sohrab Hura From 'The Coast'. © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos
Jean Gaumy New York. Meeting of the Magnum photographers. From left to right: Martine Franck, Chris Steele-Perkins, Peter Marlow, Alex Webb, Richard Kalvar, Susan Meiselas. © Jean Gaumy | Magnum Photos