Magnum Digest

The Magnum Digest: February 19, 2021

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Jim Goldberg From Fingerprint. © Jim Goldberg | Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt New Orleans, Louisiana. USA. 1947. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
Rafał Milach Remains of the wall at Bernauer Strasse, Berlin wall memorial. Berlin. Germany. 10.2019. © Rafał Milach | Magnum Photos
Nanna Heitmann On a rooftop with Hotel Ukraina in the background. Moscow. Russia. April 3 , 2020. © Nanna Heitmann | Magnum Photos
Sabiha Çimen E., Cleaning Manager, while she is working from her home office, and taking care of her plants in Northern Virginia. Virginia. USA. 2021. © Sabiha Çimen | Magnum Photos
Sabiha Çimen Donell Johnson Jr., Grocer, from the window of the Mandela grocery store. Oakland, California. USA. 2021. © Sabiha Çimen | Magnum Photos