Diary of a Pandemic: May 1, 2020

Gueorgui Pinkhassov RUSSIA. Moscow. March 30, 2020. Alessandra, my daughter. On confinement together. © Gueorgui Pinkhassov | Magnum Photos
Nanna Heitmann RUSSIA. Pushkino. April 18, 2020. There were once adults sitting watching their children playing on the playground. Now there is complete silence. The benches look as if a spider spun a net around (...)
Alex Majoli ITALY. Catania, Sicily. April 10 2020. Controls in the retirement house where the virus has been spreading. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos
Chris Steele-Perkins GB. East Dulwich, London. April 4, 2020. My garden, Weeping Cherry blossom and tulips. The place where I live in London was already a quiet cul-de-sac before the restrictions made it quieter still (...)
Jean Gaumy France. Normandy. Fecamp. April 9, 2020. Coronavirus.

"Fecamp Caux Littoral Agglo", Garbage collection. © Jean Gaumy | Magnum Photos
Rafał Milach Poland, Wrecza 30.03.2020 3,2 km of water slides in the newly built Suntago is one of the biggest aquaprks in Europe. It was opened 23 days before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. 150 milion Eur (...)
Alec Soth USA. Minneapolis, Minnesota. April 25, 2020. I’ll never stop relearning the same lesson: a photograph doesn’t depict a thing; rather, it depicts light bouncing off of a thing. The movement of a clo (...)
Jim Goldberg USA. Petaluma, California. March 23, 2020. Alone by the river. (Jim Golderg document what he considers quiet during the Coronavirus Pandemic). © Jim Goldberg | Magnum Photos
Lorenzo Meloni ITALY. Rome. March 27, 2020. Two pilgrims at the benediction of Pope "Urbi et Orbi" in Saint Peter square. Due the lockdown nobody is allowed to enter the square. The prayer takes place in an empty (...)
Alex Majoli ITALY Catania, Sicily. April 9 2020. CT scan of the lungs of a patient with Covid 19 virus. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos
Mark Power GB. Brighton. April 10, 2020. Our daughter Chilli, at home during lockdown, continuing to work towards her Fine Art degree. © Mark Power | Magnum Photos
Lindokuhle Sobekwa SOUTH AFRICA. Johannesburg. April 20, 2020. Children at the tuckshop that is operating during the lock down. © Lindokuhle Sobekwa | Magnum Photos
Patrick Zachmann FRANCE. Paris 12th district, the 17th of march, 5:15pm. Coronavirus crisis. Louvre empty. © Patrick Zachmann | Magnum Photos
Zied Ben Romdhane CANADA. March 19, 2020. I am currently in Canada for a personal trip. Two days ago the Tunisian goverment closed the borders and canceled all flights to Tunisia. Unfortunately, I did not bring my c (...)
Alex Webb USA. Weflleet, Cape Cod. April 27, 2020. Sequestered here on Cape Cod, Rebecca and I decided to do what we often do—collaborate on a project to try to make sense of the world around us. So while sh (...)