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Some Magnum Photographed Advertisements and Campaigns, June 29, 1959, attached to a memo from Executive Editor John G. Morris to “Friends of Magnum,” Archive of John G. Morris/Magnum Foundation Arc (...)
Magnum Collection FRANCE. Paris. 1957. Magnum Photos Meeting. From left to right. Foreground: Inge BONDI, John MORRIS, Barbara MILLER, Cornell CAPA, Rene BURRI, Erich LESSING. Middle: Michel CHEVALIER. Background: (...)
Werner Bischof Magnum Photos office, 64th Street. (From left to right) Ellen Erwitt, Lucienne Erwitt, Elliott Erwitt, Olga Brodsky, Sheernah, (unknown). USA. New York. 1953. © Werner Bischof | Magnum Photos
Werner Bischof A Magnum Photos meeting. From left to right: Robert Capa, Maria Eisner, Alberto Mondadori (Epoca), Ernst Haas (standing), George Rodger, Joan Bush, David Seymour, Leonard Spooner (Illustrated), Wer (...)
Magnum Collection A party given in the home of the Paris Vogue editor Michel de Brunhoff, shortly after the liberation of Paris, brought together John MORRIS (rear center with glasses). On his right: Robert CAPA. On (...)